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new in blue…

very busy here in preparation and some new things in blue- just a peek of the week in review-

one very happy development is that i have finally figured out a decent way to reuse the d-core thread i wrap the arashi poles in- not liking that i have been throwing it away for the most part all this time. seemed like such a waste. so far i have used over 80,000 yards of this stuff! not that i will be able to reuse all of it but for now i will start saving it and sending it to YOU! like this:
each indigo boro fabric pack will have some to stitch with!
and maybe some of this if you are doing some weaving…
indigo kasuri thread

-new style arashi indigo silk gauze is going into the packs as well-sheer and transparent, it catches the wind of your imagination…
it matches the sky, the ocean or a river…
in detail…

and if that wasn’t enough blue this week, we have added a new pup to the mix, her one blue eye
is always watching me…it’s been a busy week!

and if you were wondering, the indigo shibori timpani mutes worked perfectly! a good performance, reportedly. next week i will see for myself- a quick trip to hear some music performed.

(and all the ribbon scrap bags are gone for now…but the boro packs and subscription videos are still available if you are in jude’s cloth to cloth class and have ordered a pack they are on the way to you within a day or so of ordering them…enjoy! i understand some great things are going on there!) and a new subscription video series is forming here…don’t think i want to miss this!

see you in houston!

New Shibori Ribbon Colors added…

Yesterday was a day in the dye studio dyeing to order but I managed to have a little time to make up some new colors that have been on my mind recently.

We had a surprise visit from little Arabella (she’s almost 4) where everything she’s not supposed to touch (mainly, the street out front) became “hot lava!”.
I knew I had names for the new colorways:
Lava Rock, Hot Lava, & Cool Ash

lava rock, hot lava, & cool ash

lava rock, hot lava, & cool ash

These colors can also be ordered as Silk Shibori Pocket Squares.

In addition, I have joined Jude’s Crazy Quilt Revisited what if? and at the moment if you are a what iffer over there and part of the CQR challenge I have 10 shibori silk scrap bags to give away to the first of you claiming them by leaving a comment here asking for one. There is a CQR flickr pool now dedicated to the blocks as they are made invented.