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more indigo practice

First, a little business and a reminder that my new class at Joggles starts Feb. 18. If you are signed up for the class, you will receive a supply list email one week prior ( Feb.11). I’m considering trying out a few new interactive ideas with this class. What if once a week for the five weeks I set aside an additional 30-45 minutes to take a few 5-10 minute Skype calls from students? We could make appointments through the forums. I don’t know- it could be fun. Kind of like the teacher having office hours. You could show me your work and ask me questions via video conference. Of course this assumes your computer has isight or a camera.
Just a thought. Well, I simply have way too much to do right now but wanted to remind you about the class- go ahead, sign up and learn some techniques for creating some beautiful silk fabrics with Colorhue dyes. Colorhue is simple to use but does have it’s limitations in regards to making certain colors. The techniques you will learn can be applied to any dyeset of your choice.

I’ll leave you with some indigo I worked on today. All of this is already spoken for but in time there will be more posted in the etsy shop.

Kimono as Art

I am still lamenting the fact that I didn’t get to see this show when it was in San Diego recently but did find this short video you might enjoy-Ichiku Kubota video.

The show, Kimono as Art has it’s own website which has a great bio of the master himself along with many other interesting pages. I’m very tempted to order the catalog available in both hardback and soft cover format.
I’m struggling to find time to finish the journey quilt I started a while back. Can’t seem to find the ribbon I dyed up for the border. I’m thinking I’ve changed my mind on the border anyway so just as well. Have to redye and choose a new path. I took the quilt up and stitched on it when I was with my dad and he was feeling better and have found it hard to get back to at the moment. But the baby is getting bigger and has started on his own journey so time to get it done. I really do enjoy stitching on this and the virtual tour of the kimono exhibit has inspired me to get this done.

I don’t know if anyone reading this was planning on also taking the Candace Kling workshop I referred to back a few posts but if you are like me, you have had trouble signing up for this! **UPDATE**
I just received an email from Carpe Diem and emailed them my desire to sign up. I’m taking the “ribbons and trims” class on Friday the 27th. Come on down!

Speaking of getting things done. I’m finishing up the first installment of my wired shibori necklace lesson. It’s still not too late to join- this looks to be a fun group. I’ve had lots of people emailing and asking questions. You should be getting your supply list tomorrow so be on the lookout for it. If you are interested in joining and want to see what it’s all about you can click on the link in the header for classes. Instructions and fun for the 3 week class are only $35 and you must sign up for that. Remember, you can download the instructions and work at your own pace and within your own schedule. Log into the forums to ask questions, see what other students are creating, post pics, get freebies, and just generally have a good time. See you there!

shibori flower garden

-been plantin’ some seeds & anticipating spring. looking for renewal.

I’m buried in paperwork for the next couple of days but in an effort to contest the dreariness of the job I procrastinated for a bit and made a bunch of pretty things. Should you want to make some yourself you can order up some ribbon and get a jump on spring.
Or you can order them made to order. All available on my etsy site.

I’ve always loved to look at how things grow and last month I dropped a few tulip bulbs into some containers to watch them grow indoors. This was taken over a week ago and now the roots are really fascinating. Several already have buds!

I am very excited to be taking a two day workshop with the master herself- Candace Kling! She just published a new website with dates of her upcoming workshops. I can’t wait to see what comes from mixing shibori ribbon with her techniques. This is my first class with her (or any ribbon class actually) and I hear they are just wonderful.
I’ve always loved her chocolate boxes-all ribbon of course!
This one is titled “Queen of Hearts”.
Make sure you click on the Art link in the sidebar to see some of her more unusual pieces. If you are in So Cal- maybe you’d like to join us!

Don’t forget- my shibori floral necklace class at Joggles starts March 11.

On another note-here’s a little lesson from the studio-
make sure you don’t contaminate the shibori by rolling the hot steamed poles on a towel that has some dye on it.
10 yards for an order that had to be redone!
so, after cutting out the offending sections-
-I have some very nice 12″-13″ yellow strips of shibori ribbon!
They’ll go into kits, scrap bags and finished flowers.
AND, I had to redye yellow, wrap, discharge, steam, & dry this color so I could ship the order!
When you have lemons -make lemon drop roses!

intermission #2 …part 2

OK. So to see where this came from, go back to the last post.

-another sample of the marbled glazes we printed onto the molds before slip casting with porcelain.

and several samples of foam/dye marbeling on silk broadcloth using Colorhue dyes:



So, now back to polewrapping!
The start date for the next Joggles class for silk shibori flower making has been pushed back to Nov. 27. Still time to sign up and order ribbon! I’ll be posting several new tutorials and hopefully even some video to those signed up in addition to the regular stuff we will cover in the class (3 flower designs).

shibori silk ribbon flower class

We will now have a brief commercial interruption…..

joggles ribbons

For those of you who just received your supply list for the Joggles online Shibori no Hana class, here’s another photo of the silk ribbons that Barb recently restocked. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the forums and creating shibori flowers together. Feel free to ask any shibori related questions as well and I’ll do my best to answer them or at least lead you in the direction of an answer.

For anyone who may want to explore taking an online class at Joggles, you can still sign up as the class doesn’t start for another week (Feb.21). Even then, you simply receive the lessons via email and do them at your leisure. Pop in and out of the forums as you choose and post your results, ask questions, or get clarifications regarding the instructions. What I really enjoy is that there are some really talented people taking classes who have their own expertise that they bring to the projects and we all benefit and learn together! The classes are quite reasonable ($10-$15 a lesson) and all the supplies are available right there on the website. For those who wish to remain anonymous, you can simply get the lessons & read the forums (some people don’t have the desire or the time to join in the interactive fun!).

To see some of my shibori ribbon flower work you can visit my Flickr set of silk flowers.

For the next week I’ll be busy writing and photographing for the class- this is a different set of flowers than the last class (which will be repeated next time if you missed it). Also in the background I will be filling ribbon orders, one of which is for F & S Fabrics in Los Angeles. I’m excited about this as I keep getting people asking me where to find my ribbons locally when I’m not at a show. If you live in So Cal and like fabric- you know F&S. If you visit here, it’s worth a trip. They use to buy my buttons and have a fabulous button selection– not to mention a gal who can find you the perfect button for ANYTHING! Apparently a large selection of trims as well.