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Hoshigaki, pommegranate, and dyeing gold from red

Upon returning fro Houston it was time to get at the persimmons if I wanted to get on with any hoshigaki (dried persimmons).  Mine are the Hachiya variety if you don’t recall from previous posts on this annual topic. I was concerned they might be a little too far along for hoshigaki when I returned from the show but seems they were fine.  The tree was very prolific as usual again and it simply produces way more persimmons than we can eat fresh or even give away, for that matter. Not everyone is a persimmon fan.

In order to dry them they are washed, and peeled before being tied in pairs to a string to hang. Since I pick from my own tree I can easily cut them with a little “T” at the top to facilitate the tying.

The biggest issue is mold, which I am having a little issue with this year on a few of them so we will lose a few. Seems to mainly be the ones not getting as much sun as the rest.  This year I am drying them all outside. Unfortunately, (for the drying persimmons but YAY for the garden and the fires!), we have had several rains that have necessitated my having to cover them and the dampness is also contributing to the mold I think.  At least it’s certainly not helping.

I have some that are on a moveable drying rack and that set can be put into the garage with a fan when needed.  I am in the “massaging” stage so need to give them all a few squeezes each day to keep them soft on the inside and to keep the outside surface from having permanent crevices where mold can grow.

I have about 150 drying here and my son has about 50 at his place. We still have at least 100 -150 ripening on the tree!  A double recipe of persimmon walnut bread only uses 2-3 medium size ones! They are good fresh with a little plain yogurt in the morning! A few pics…

Prior to taking care of the persimmons, I had to deal with the pomegranate tree.  Unfortunately some were lost and ripened while I was away but not to worry. I picked the rest of the tree and juiced them and sent all the peels and any inedible ones to the dyepot! Dyed some lovely golds on mostly silks while I enjoyed some fresh juice!

Next post will be a long needed shop update! and speaking of persimmons… I made these for the show and missed getting them into the box when I packed!  So they will be going into the shop.

made from vintage japanese and indigo dyed scrap fabrics with immature persimmons that fell and dried(the bead)and the dried top of spent persimmon flowers. each has a small bag of emery in the bottom of the pincushion to clean and sharpen your pins and needles.



stop to smell the (shibori) roses……

So much craziness in the news these days. So many people moving fast. I am trying to keep it all in perspective and in balance myself. On the one hand, I am appreciating the changes in the backyard and especially the ripening hachiya persimmons.

They are called hoshigaki in Japanese. (hoshi for dried and gaki (from kaki) for persimmon) i am drying my own in the back yard. I have about 50 to peel and string up this week so they can be drying while I am in Houston…they take from 4-6 weeks to dry. You also have to massage them a couple of times a day. This is part of the balance I am talking about. In all the craziness of getting ready for the Houston show, I must take time each day to pick, peel, string up, and massage my hoshigaki. I have someone hired to do the persimmon massaging while I’m gone!
check out this site below to order some for yourself or for holiday gifts. They are delicious!

I also attended the Japan America Society’s Kite Festival in Seal Beach on Sunday. It was a beautiful and windy day and the kites were marvelous. More pics on the flicker site.

And then in response to several people who have been asking about buying the flower broaches, I posted up two on the etsy site. These are usually only available at shows or at the select retail stores that I ship to since I just can’t seem to get ahead on them these days….

I have a long “to do” list so must move on to it. And thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post…still working through that.