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” any publicity is good publicity”

if you go here it seems like you could order my shibori omiyage. but you can’t. they are only using my images without my permission. doesn’t seem quite right to me.
perhaps this “this mother-daughter duo business power house with a passion for creativity” should rethink their business plan.

they won’t respond to emails and they won’t take down my images. i’m just plain mad. but i’ll get over it. i’ve had several kind offers of pro bono legal help offered. thank you. you know who you are.
not having to think about this and having someone else handle it allows me to get back to what i really need to be doing-making and selling my work and visiting a 4th grade classroom each week.

you know, i could just ignore the whole thing and go on dyeing and creating. but i do feel a responsibility to the greater good to do my small part to stop this sort of thing. even if it feels like i’m swimming upstream. this is just the tip of the iceburg. today i found a second similar site using my images- but they have since removed them. i’m only a small fish in a huge ocean. buyer beware.

it is hard enough to make a living this way but when people just brazenly co-op your work for their own profit it really is too much! it appears as if these ladies want to test out the viability of selling furoshiki products. So with that in mind they create a website and populate it with stolen images. mind you, they don’t own the rights to these images nor do they have an inventory to support it- just the images and the grand idea of selling furoshiki. they didn’t dye the silk, create, invent, design the item, or even photograph it. they simply searched the internet and flickr for images they liked and thought were creative and pretty (gee..thanks..i’m flattered) and threw them up on their site to see what stuck. then they went around the internet and posted links, wrote “articles”, and sent press releases.
this is what passes for entrepreneurs these days. so much for a background in art. looks like we need to be teaching ethics instead of grantwriting in art school.

i feel better already. onward and upward! thanks for hearing me out.

(note*-to see the outcome of this situation, go here.)

ahhh…life in blogland

shibori girl furoshiki image lifted and used on a commercial website

shibori girl furoshiki image lifted and used on a commercial website

Woke up this morning to the usual list of email and started hitting the reply and delete buttons as needed with Milo on one arm of the sofa, Tigga on the other, and a cup of coffee. Paper read and discarded to the recycle bin.

Several posts were running around my head, just which one would I write today? First, I have a post on Jude’s CQR collaborative (what if?) project- I finished my first block– took me several hours- but what fun it was what- iffing all over the place! Photos have been posted over at the Flickr pool. Thanks for all the comments and all the fun I had looking at everyone else’s crazy blocks. There’s more to come I’m sure!

I finished all the silk shibori scrap bags and they are all addressed and ready to go. I even managed to sneak in a couple extra to make it a total of 12. (Sorry- no more right now-have to move on to other things. I may put them up on the etsy site for a while at a fair price if you are interested- give me a day or two). I can’t wait to see what all you creative crazies do with them. Of course they are not just for the CQ blocks but it would be great if you send links to an image of what you created with them.
All the bags contain some ribbon as well as some pieces of various shibori- I did a little color coordinating by the pool with a glass of wine with my friend Gail (thanks Gail!)and they looked quite interesting when we were done. I hope you enjoy them!

A little milestone to share- the two year milestone of the blog just passed and over the weekend Shibori Girl leaped over the 100,000 view mark-that’s views, not visits. But still a high watermark. Thanks to all who share and contribute here.

As I scrolled through the email I came across one that indicated a comment had been left on the blog regarding one of my posts on furoshiki. It was one of those comments that I usually delete as it was someone placing a link for their business as a comment and nothing more (now deleted). This one piqued my interest as it was a site advertising furoshiki so I clicked over to look. Imagine my surprise when I discovered an image of my work being used on their site to promote their product! You know, I take lots of photos and many people have asked permission for usage and made all the appropriate attribution etc.. Most of it for non commercial usage. Not so the case here. This is also one of those websites where there is no contact info, no phone number or address to indicate where they are located. I have filled out the requisite contact form, hit the send button, and am waiting to see if there is any response. I have, however, (thanks to Google) been able to come up with 2 names but still without any real info. What would you do?
Hopefully, they’ll contact me and we’ll straighten it out.

shibori furoshiki

I guess I can start here, and then go on to tell you that furoshiki combines the words “furo” meaning “bath” and a form of the verb “shiku” meaning “to spread”. This word originated in the Edo period of Japan when public baths were common and people carried their belongings in a square cloth, then spread the cloth for use as a bath mat.

Now having grown up in Japan, I saw everything carried about in furoshiki and have long admired the fabrics and the origami-like folds one could produce with these beautiful cloths.

Recently, I have created some beautiful shibori furoshiki for special customers and seasonal gift wrapping. From very tiny, to moderately sized, shibori furoshiki can envelope a special gift and become part of the gift itself, to be used over and over again.

Itajime designed furoshiki is a favorite of mine, second however to any textural form of shibori so this piece combines a little of both- accordion folded and pole wrapped on 3mm silk gauze.

You can see more here.