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moons and stars

Took a couple of days near the cooling beach with Phil and Trev to get away from the daily doings. Shore leave as it is sometimes called…

shore leave sunset

shore leave sunset

trevor surfs!

trevor surfs!

Brought this along. Maybe it is a traveling cloth, even if only a mind traveler.  Stitching on it again with the surf pounding in front of me, I wonder about our connection to water. A morning shoreline fisherman pulls up a silvery fish.  I imagine he is fishing for moons and stars.
The indigo seed is born of water, nourished by water, dissolved in water. The silk thread I am stitching with is connected to that water as well. The mulberry leaf received its water in the form of rain, the cocoon, the sericin softened and reeled with the aid of water.
clothmore clothThe early fisherman carries his silvery catch away as others arrive, and we move on. Here is a memory from another trip this way. moons, tides, memories

The Houston show is on the horizon ahead of me.  I am working towards that.  In addition, there is a two day workshop at the JANM.  There are other things too.  Too much really.  People who want last minute orders will wait until I return.  What can you do? I stopped posting on social media for a week.  Just needed a break from it.  FB and all its crazy politics with the election is disruptive.  I guess the most I will say about all that is go and vote.  Be prepared to take responsibility for what and who you vote for. The show in Houston is the weekend pre-ceeding the election.  Always a difficult and uncertain time for people.  I plan to make my booth as beautiful and peaceful as possible.  Come.  Hang out.  Get inspired. Working with your hands is good. Booth 1921.

80+ silk mandalas forded for the workshop. have to do this ahead for them as there is not enough time and space for a whole class to do their own.

80+ silk mandalas forded for the workshop. have to do this ahead for them as there is not enough time and space for a whole class to do their own.

they will practice on paper and go away with the instruction sheet.

apricot tree in bloom is confused with our 106 degree weather.

apricot tree in bloom is confused with our 106 degree weather.

Our hot spell has subsided now and both myself and perhaps the apricot tree are feeling a little less crazy. I could not work well outside during those days. Hence all the mandala folding and other workshop kit making after sunset.

bright spot in the garden

bright spot in the garden-I think he liked the hot weather! 

Jude is rerunning her suns,moons and stars. Take a look. Wouldn’t hurt to go here too.

dragonflies 屯簿

The making of this shibori ribbon dragonfly came as a result of a dream I had. The dream involved a family member who transformed into a dragonfly and came to tell me of his future plans. Over the next several days, dragonflies kept appearing in various forms- to the point that I had to notice. Sitting down working on some ribbon flowers it occurred to me to make a butterfly, then of course, the dragonfly. Since then, dragonflies have continued to appear in some very interesting ways. One particular event still has me wondering. I’m not trying to understand it all, I’m just paying attention.

Wondering what dragonfly lore existed, I did a little googling. I found lots of references and among them stories and beliefs that the dragonfly represents an agent of change, of wisdom and enlightenment. I also read of how the iridescent wings of a dragonfly- which allow it to be seen in different colors depending on the angle and polarization of light falling on them-are symbolic of casting off one’s self illusions and unmasking the real self (whom of us couldn’t use a little of that?). In other words, it’s a flight of real self-discovery. Also the dragonfly’s relationship to water interests me.

Recently while I was away surrounded by nature, a nearby lake, and many, many dragonflies- I made some more and perfected my methods. I even wrote up some instructions and photographed the steps.
So today, I have 3 new items in the shop:

~several handmade dragonfly pins in a variety of colors ($24 ea and includes the instruction download as a gift)

~a kit for you to make your own ($12 includes the instructions as a downloadable PDF)

~or just the instructions as a downloadable PDF for those of your who have your own supplies ($5)

They are fun, fairly simple and once you make one, I bet you’ll make another…

and now i’m wondering what one would look like in indigo…

a little lost..

maybe this guy will help me find my way-

shibori indigo dragonfly

silk shibori ribbon dragnflies

~or maybe even these…


the feeling a little lost comes from losing my HD recently. even though i had most VID backed up, i did manage to lose quite a bit of stuff. nice.

a trip to the mountains (thanks vic & yvonne!) to clear my head however has resulted in some good work and i’m now back home working- still struggling though with setting everything back up the way i need it to make screen time efficient. please bear with me…

bear claw tree

upcoming events include the following at the moment:

~Art Unraveled
an all day workshop (monday the 8th) covering for Lorri Scott who is recovering from retinal surgery (rest up Lorri!!)
i will also vend on saturday the 6th
ASG (American Sewing Guild) Conference in Los Angeles Aug 18-22
JANM (Japanese American National Museum) Shibori Workshop Sept 17 call them to register. (their sept. calendar isn’t posted yet but will be soon i’m told)

what more can i say? (backup backup backup…oh…and backup your backup. also, organize your photo backups…that way you won’t have to sort through 10,000 photos, find what you need and want, and decide what you want to load back)

also, there are some good tools out there to download all your flickr pics…at once.
it’s for the mac. and you get to feed the kitties.