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online shibori class

itajime lesson 1

All week long I have been meaning to get this post to announce the rerunning of my online class, Shibori Techniques on Silk. (click the link for details) The beauty of shibori is that it was created in a much simpler time, yet resulted in some stupendous fabric designs and possibilities. It was created out of ingenuity and a desire to have a cottage industry making decorative fabrics for commercial purposes. Over time, and with practice, this craft has risen to great heights-limited only by the makers imagination and willingness to practice it to near perfection and limitless possibilities.

If there is anything that I would like to get across in this workshop it is that it’s not the materials, supplies, or perfect studio setup that makes the art or the artist. It’s your ingenuity in using what you have on hand in inventive and creative ways that will produce interesting results-often leading you on to the next level and asking you to wonder….what if…..?

tigga inspecting the orinui last from last years class

One of the reasons I offer this online class is to reach out to people who want to take a class on their own schedule or who don’t get out to take classes at shows or other venues. I’ve been teaching various classes online now for 4 years and I’m pleased with the way teaching online has developed. By using video, skype, and private blogs you can organize an online class that has a real community feeling.

I’ve received several emails from people wanting to know if they could do this class in their apartment or kitchen. ( Yes!) This is one of the reasons I like to teach with the Colorhue dyes. They are simple and non toxic and even though they have their limitations (no true red or black) you can easily use them in a home setting or with kids. There are no fumes, no heat or chemicals involved in setting the dyes. I’m also offering a workshop materials kit for those who would like one. Otherwise, you can collect your own materials from someone like Dharma Trading.

stitches from the heart-makiage and mokume

This is an enhanced version of the class I ran last year on Joggles. I have been asked many times when or if it would be offered again. I decided back then that I wanted to have control over my own classes as there were things I wanted to do (like the videos and skypeing) that those sorts of sites didn’t offer. I also like the blog style format for the online classes. It’s much more visual and interactive when everyone is posting their work, asking and answering questions, and commenting and critiquing. Between shows, orders, making, and life in general it has taken me this long to step up to pulling this together! Hard to believe. Likely, this will be the only time I will offer this class online this year. Even though much of the class is already prepared, I always feel there is more to add and will be doing just that along the way. Enrollment is not limited but you must enroll by Feb 28 so I can get everyone set up on the blog/forum prior to the start of the workshop. Get out your wondering hats and let’s have some fun!


Hopefully this will be a fairly quick post-have a few pics to lay down here but not too much time. I don’t expect to be posting too much in the next 10 days or so. Just too much to do. You might catch a glimpse or two on facebook or twitter if even that-so here goes!
sol's journey
you can hardly go wrong with a cute baby pic so here it is-Sol and his mommy visiting and playing on his silk quilt in the back yard. it’s been washed once-a quick hand wash and into the dryer for good measure. Soft and silky-I’m definitely gonna do this again-but one for me! Maybe lap size.
yellow base dye
base dyed 250 yards of ribbon on Saturday. started with the yellow
the idea is to not waste dye OR water – completely exhausting the dyebath so it can be reused in the next color(darker of course) here is the water after dyeing yellow-almost clear. I then went to ecru which exhausted completely then to pine green which exhausted to near clear-then to black. then it was time for new water. each time checking the ph and adding citric acid as needed as well as salt and abegal set.
400 yards of silk ribbon
-400 yards of ribbon waiting it’s turn for a bath

glimpse of the booth in Chicago- didn’t take many photos-too busy and wasn’t happy with the 1/2 booth layout-oh well-everyone else seemed to like it.
new-joggles class
jeeze- i really can’t remember if i already posted this or not-and where? FB? Flickr? even twittpic? who knows anymore? in any case, it’s a new class on Joggles starting August 13. Keeping up with some of this stuff is getting in the way of studio time.
-then there are a few quick pics i snapped at the end of the shibori workshop in Chicago and have been meaning to post-
chicago shibori workshop
working on some stitched pieces
chicago shibori workshop
up at the dye table- using the colorhue dyes
chicago shibori workshop

chicago shibori workshop
some results-learning what does and doesn’t work
chicago shibori workshop
more stitching
chicago shibori workshop

chicago shibori workshop
more results
chicago shibori workshop
ironing in the back of the class.
We had a great class and many were introduced to silk for the first time. The Colorhue dyes are really simple to use, non-toxic and need no mordanting or heat setting. Perfect for a workshop setting like this as well as the hobby home dyer. Yes, I said the word “hobby”. Sorry folks! I didn’t get pics of everything but there were some really smashing results! Don’t forget to sign up for this class in Houston this fall!

Gosh- so much more to tell- sorry if this is getting too lengthy- really must finish it up!
First- check out Anne Selby’s work. Absolutely stunning- great photo work too! AND she’s designed and will be marketing a wrapping machine for arashi work. No details yet but she showed it off at the ISS2008 apparently. I talked to her recently and she’s hoping to get to the SDA conference in Kansas end of May.
Anxious to see her version. I currently have two- one I built and one built by someone else. I may need another!

I also have made plans to visit the Ichiku Kubota Museum at Lake Kawaguchi while in Japan. If you recall, his exquisite kimono are on display in Ohio right now.
(I was going to provide the link but it seems as if their website has been removed or is having problems-here it is anyway-maybe it will come back..

That will have to do it for now-


… in the face of all the negative talk i hear going on around me do i feel particularly optimistic? part of it is just me. you can’t be in biz for yourself for any length of time if you are going to be negative. it just doesn’t work that way. for me, being self employed is a lesson in moving forward. all the time, every day, in some small way.

i’m working in the studio dyeing all sorts of new ribbon colors, putting together shibori ribbon flower pins, polewrapping pocket squares and more.
i’m attributing it to color.
just having so much intense color swirling around me all day is a very mood elevating experience. the colors make me feel alive and stimulate my creative thought.
yesterday, spurred on by this mood i gave myself permission to sidetrack myself and experiment with an idea i’ve had for a new dyeing technique using the Colorhue dyes. it is amazingly simple and effective-funny even in it’s simplicity. when i showed it to my friend gail to get her reaction she said….”some people might say that all you do all day is play around”.
that was exactly what i wanted to hear. i have been looking to create a technique that had that playful quality to it. something fun that i could bring to a workshop, teach online, or demonstrate in my booth that would make people laugh and lift their spirits. something unexpected. it’s kind of a take off on shibori and of course related to it in a way but unlike stitched or wrapped shibori it provides almost instant gratification and seriously, anyone can do it with good results.
and in the coming months, i think we’ll all be looking for a little a dose of fun and levity.
so, now i have another project on my list….to write the instructions and put together a video for it.
you’ll have to wait a bit until i get some photos and the short video of the process shot.

i heard something yesterday that really rang true to me. i only caught the tail end of the conversation on KCRW (an NPR program i think) and the person being interviewed said, ” We can’t talk our way out of something we behaved our way into.” he made it sound so simple.
We have to behave our way out of it in order to reestablish a level of trust that will allow us to go forward. one step at a time.

back to the color thing…
i’m not one who believes in chromotherapy but i do know that color plays a role in so many of our day to day activities and we make many daily decisions based on color. check out this great link to explore why color matters.
i’ll leave you with a little color therapy of your own…….