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festival update

I didn’t think it would take me so long to get to this post but here it is, and already Friday! The festival was great- my main complaint is that I didn’t get to see any of the performances since we were so busy helping people dye shibori squares that I wasn’t able to get out of the booth. Last year my booth was conveniently located next to the main stage and I was able to enjoy ALL the performances. Due to a reorg of the festival layout (for the better) I was no where near the stage area. C’est la vie!

Like I said in the last post, we dyed about 800 shibori squares. My voice was almost gone by the end of Sunday.

What I can say is that shibori made lots of people smile on Saturday and Sunday- and isn’t that really the point? Here’s a few-

this gal and her friends drove all the way from Las Vegas to attend the festival!

Melissa’s little sis, Holly and her mom even stopped by! I say “little” but she’s lookin’ all grown up these days!

I must have missed her smile on this one but it sure was cute! It was hard to remember to get the camera out
when we were soooo busy!

even the very young had fun- with a little assistance from mom or dad.

even younger!! but listening carefully to the directions……she’s holding on to her silk square…

older girls too………that looks like and “aha” moment!
These girls, along with about 20 or more of their classmates from La Habra High came to the festival
with a writing assignment from their history class- part of which had to include a section on a textile art.
we even got the boys dyeing shibori- didn’t have the camera out at that moment though…

here’s a view of the table setup before the festival opened on Sunday. we started off each day making a few ourselves and hanging them up to dry- they attract a lot of attention- so pretty fluttering in the wind.

and pretty much how it looked all weekend. that’s my assistant there leaning over the table.
she worked hard all weekend!


there were 2-3 of us helping from the back side of the table. that’s Samira in the background and Trevor
in the blue. They got a break to go and eat some delicious festival food!

one thing that will have to change for next year is the layout of the cultural pavilion. just some minor changes to get the traffic flow working better. it was great for me but we attracted such a crowd all weekend that the tables located behind me weren’t seeing
enough of the crowd…..

I’ll be posting over at flickr some more of the sample swatches that were made just as soon as I get them off the camera.

AND….did I mention I took a behind the scenes tour of the textile and costume department of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art?
That was yesterday………….a few photos from that and a post to come as well. Stuff happening over at Elementary Art as well….