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Houston Quilt Festival




I’ve been getting things ready for the show in Houston and snapped a couple of photos of some of the buttons before they got wrapped and packed up. It’s good to look at them again and I find that I still like them- I’m just done with the making of them! They are priced to sell quickly so if you get to Houston and want a few, stop by booth 751 & 753 where there will be a bit of a frenzy over them. I always get a kick out of watching people pick out their buttons- they have such a good time doing it! I’ve had a little helper a couple days a week recently in preparation and she’s made preparing and sorting the buttons a breeze. Rides her bike over after school for a couple of hours and I ride back home with her when we’re done. Next week I’ll let her do a little dyeing when we’re closer to being done with show preparation.

Monday was our first day in the 4th grade classroom for the year and we worked with pencil, black crayon, and charcoal on newsprint just practicing what can be done with a line and three simple materials. Thin, thick, straight, curved, shaded…..
Charcoal was by far the favorite- kids love messy and they get far too few opportunities to make a mess and get dirty. I just want to let them explore art even if it’s only 50 minutes once a week…….
Snapped this pic at the end during clean-up- 30+ kids and charcoal doesn’t leave much time for photography!