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cueing up the indigo vat

many moons ago

By now most everyone is aware that New Year’s Eve 2010 will not only usher in a new decade, but it will do so by the light of a rare NYE blue moon. (that is if the clouds that arrived last night clear out before tomorrow night) For those of you in the Eastern Hemisphere, you will also be able to ring in the new year with the addition of a partial lunar eclipse! Seems like some sort of special New Years Eve.

this was the place

(cutting some linen for the indigo vat)
Yes, this was the place 10 years ago that the boys were all 9 & 10 and we celebrated the new millennium (2000) with a boy sleepover party thus giving parents the night to go out and party themselves. I was happy to party with the boys and let them have their own little NYE party at home. Each boy was instructed to bring something to include in a “time capsule” that we would make and decorate using an empty oatmeal canister and various other odds and ends. This capsule would be opened 10 years from that night- an inconceivably lengthy period of time for them to comprehend back then.

Each year at New Years, especially in the early 2000’s they begged to open it up and see what was inside. As they got older (and realized I was NOT giving in) they asked less and less until recent years they have been enjoying the anticipation of the coming event. So, tomorrow is the night and each has been invited to join in or stop by to see what treasure they added to the capsule- seems none of them can really remember now. Dan will be missing out as he is in Australia on holiday- he even wanted to skype the event with us (my things have changed!) but he will not be internet available so we will take some photos and video for him.

Well, I was hoping for a little live steel drum music but the band just got a last minute NYE gig for a private party so we will rely on the ipod and the rest of the musicians for music while we spend the evening dipping into the indigo vat which I have been prepping and testing these past couple of days.

We’ll have some food, a hot soup or two, music, a backyard fire, various imbibements, and of course the indigo vat will be available to dip into and take a bit of blue away with you into the New Year. Stop on by if you like but be sure to RSVP me and let me know you’re coming!

coming up blue

anticipation of blue

i’m out of words for today-images will have to suffice. unless of course you have a question or comment.

year end thinking


Hard to believe. The year is almost over and a new year begins.

Sorry Dear Readers, I have neglected you terribly as of late. I have my reasons.

As I look back over the year and re-assess my intentions, trying to see if I stayed true to them and how to find my path once again I do know this:

-that my purpose in this life as a person who makes things by hand to sell, is as much to serve as it is to sell or take from those who cross my path.

window shopping in San Fran-Cheese PLUS!

Be it student or customer, casual observer or occasional window shopper, these two purposes, to make and sell and to serve (be it through blogging, teaching, sharing, or whatever) feel a bit unbalanced to me in these past two months. Albeit these months are “prime time” for those of us who make a living selling what we make, but still the unbalance remains to be dealt with and now in these last few days of 2009 I feel it more deeply.

A desire to tare the weight and make the adjustment is upon me.
-and so it begins…

There are some stories to tell and insights to share. Some will bring tears and others will amaze- and they all have fiber in common. I will be posting daily through the blue moon and trying to clean up the blog a bit.

I am also preparing some pieces for the indigo vat. Some trials, some tests, one can hope, something a bit more. Only the blue moon will know for sure.