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some times simple is best

just wanted to show off Kate’s bead on some silk shibori ribbon hanging simply on some shibori ribbon. At one time Kate did shibori but now mostly makes jewelry and keeps a blog coincidentally named Shibori Girl! Here’s a link to one of her beads in her etsy shop

i frayed the edges a bit.
you can easily alter the length of the ribbon and get fancy by adding some hardware. silk just feels good on your neck all by it self though.
color- #6 purple passion borealis

caught up and frayed along the edges

caught sometimes i let myself get caught up in things and have to find a way out. working in the yard recently i was finding myself running into lots of spiderwebs. they are quite extravagant this time of year. i saw this seed floating and land in a web, trapped and of no interest to the spider at all. perhaps a rain will fall and wash it down to the ground where it will grow. but it was a lovely little thing in the moment. you might have had to be there.

been simply crafting with shibori ribbon…
frayed along the edges. for a simple and quick finish to the shibori ribbon when using as a necklace, just run your fingernail down the length on both sides. i am liking it. the little rectangle holds a scrap of silk shibori between the two pieces of glass. i am anticipating the arrival of one of Shibori Girl Kate’s hand woven tubular beads to play with.
it’s keepin me waitin