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But is it Art?

Today, I made Art. A real rarity for me. Usually, I just make stuff people like.

Usually I say I am Art’s Apprentice and Color’s Mistress.  But today I feel like I am Art’s Accomplice and Color’s Whore.
I call my piece :
“Pandora’s Box”  (in a Wide Mouth Jar)
silk, glass, metal

"Pandora's Box"  (in a Wide Mouth Jar)

“Pandora’s Box” (in a Wide Mouth Jar)

My piece has all the ambiguity necessary for Art. All the social and political interpretive meaning Art has come to be known for these days.
*Added bonus*- it’s pretty and colorful. Yay!

and speaking of time…

When in mid August I saw pumpkins stacked outside the grocery store here and orange frosted cupcakes and pumpkin cookies encased in plastic containers upon entering the store I wondered if perhaps I had somehow missed a month or two.   But no, it was still August. Really- Halloween already? Won’t those  pumpkins be rotten and the cupcakes stale by then?  One does wonder.

arashi shibori now

But now here I am not exactly marking time but struggling to organize it.  Realizing that reminding you to think ahead if you desire to order a large scarf for yourself or as a gift for the holidays would actually be a good idea.  This way, I can get a handle on how to better organize my time and material purchases in addition to not taking on more work than I can actually create. I really do hate to disappoint and don’t like to do “rush” orders.  So I was thinking, how best to accomplish that…

And here is what I came up with.
(a reservation system of sorts…)

 You can order your own custom colorway of course by emailing me an image or two that include the colors you like or, if you have had your colors “done” send me an image of the set of swatches from that. Here are a few recent pieces to give you an idea…

I will be taking reserves for no more than 25 between now and Nov. 25th.
Let’s see how this works.

silk shibori ribbon shop update

yes, i did get it done today- mostly.  aside from making the actual ribbon, there’s the sorting, cutting, choosing the combos, photographing, uploading, naming, photoshopping in the color names/titles, uploading and listing. phew!

in the shop now.  and thank you!

arashi ribbon

oh, and a really lovely scarf too…

arashi sea dragon

arashi sea dragon

some more indigo moons made it there also…

year end announcements…

I am tying up some loose ends on things that have been in the works around here for a while.  Everything takes longer than expected it seems-especially around the holidays when there are lots of comings and goings.

Today the wind died down a bit (not completely) but the surfers were devoted to getting into the water which leaves me in complete and blissful silence to work on these unfinished details.


First- the In Studio Workshop with Richard Carbin and myself  is available in the shop. Just click here to visit the listing and read through it carefully. If you have any questions,  just use the contact form or email me.  Leaving a comment here is OK too- I can reply privately via your comment.

arashi shibori    ++++  mandalas  ===?????  

I’m excited to collaborate with Richard again.  Ours has been an wonderful pairing of interests and talents. We met virtually via Flickr several years ago becoming fans of each others work.  Richard is an ex-pat living in Nagoya Japan with his wife and two boys. In June 2009 when Phil & I visited Nagoya for the Arimatsu Shibori Festival, we made a pact to meet up and get to know each other better and in person. We visited late into the night and although our work is completely different we shared a passion for Japan, silk, and dyeing.  Afterwards, we continued getting to know each other online via Facebook and via email and decided to create a collaborative workshop. Our online workshop Indigo Mandalas (born of the original In Studio workshop last year) was the first internationally collaborative online workshop as far as I know.  We continue to inspire and draw on each others experience and interests using the internet & media, learning as we grow.

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Secondly, the Silk Study Tour to Japan is filling nicely.  We only have 4 spots (out of 20) left so,  if you think a trip to Japan to see silk sericulture, beautiful textiles, a natural dye workshop and more are in your future for May of 2013-contact me soon.  We never really know if we will repeat this tour-so far our third biennial tour. Life has a way of keeping us on our toes and in the present which is a good thing and keeps up from putting off those things that we really want to do but somehow don’t. More and more I realize that today is the day!   Click the link for details and feel free to contact me if you you have any questions at all. I’m getting excited all over again.  New things await us in Japan every time we go!

purple haze

excuse me while i kiss the sky

“What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me” -jimi hendrix

i love working with deep colors and discharging them on silk gauze. i can really get into a haze or fog while conjuring up the overdye colors i want to use. the freedom to just go with the experience as it comes to me without too much forethought while at the same time using past experience to lead me into some magical color divining.

this one is available here

momijigari…momiji to momizu

“The word “momiji” means that trees are changing to their autumn colors and it originates from the old word “momizu”, which means to dye something red.” this from a site “created by ordinary Japanese folks to help foreign nationals better understand the fascinating culture of Japan”, called Treasure House.

“momijigari” refers to the national Japanese passion for viewing the colors of fall leaves as they change throughout the country- much like the spring passion of cherry blossom viewing (hanami).

the seasonal and short-lived beauty of nature is not only a passion in Japan but one artists worldwide have reflected in their works forever- a constant source of inspiration.

the more colors start to change, the more i get anxious to hover over the dyepot. here in southern california we don’t get the full impact of the riotous colors of fall leaves i remember from my time living in Japan and Virginia, so hand dyed silk will have to suffice. i am working on so many things right now in preparation for the Houston show. however much you enjoy the images i post of my work, i encourage you to come and see me in person at one of the upcoming events. there really isn’t anything like meeting you in person. online culture can only take us so far.

and…colored cats being fed colored chow for colored cocoons!

…coming up- some video of last year’s Silk Study Tour and details about the upcoming trip in 2011. spaces still available but we plan to see those filled by the end of november as we are promoting it heavily at the Houston show. happily, we can report that at this point, 75% of the Silk Experience classes at Houston are filled with many people being turned away and put on overflow/waiting lists. interest in silk is definitely on the rise! when i first started doing the shows with my silk the only other booth devoted to silk was maggie’s booth- Silk Things. we will have our booths back to back and up front at the Houston show– come see us in booths 1100 and 1200!