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show preparation in progress


After posting a question to the dyerslist forum about where to find the cheapest black cotton that discharges well, I ended up at JoAnns Fabrics where I bought 12yds of black cotton with a 40% coupon at about $1.70 yd. The above photos chart the progress of the project which is to do a quick discharge on the yardage to use as table skirtings on a 10×20 booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival. The booth backdrop will be plain black without any design so as to serve as a blank canvas to all the colored silk to be displayed there. I wanted large designs on the skirtings so the booth reads”shibori” from a distance. I have a corner booth for extra visibility. All will be flameproofed as per show safety regulations . So much more to blog about but time is limited at the moment. Look for a special post tomorrow…..