Mood, indigo moon

Been very very busy. Lots of indigo and the online workshop.

Late night out in the studio- finishing up moons on linen. Have a few great indigo packs that I’ll get up in the shop when I have a minute.



Folks are starting to gather for the 2013 Silk Study Tour. If you wish to be added to the second email we send out with tour info please click the link in the menu above and sign up through constant contact- make sure you add yourself to the tour list in addition to any of the other choices.


Milo and the crickets are keeping me company in my moon-making tonight


Apparently, this will be ready on may 10 and there’s going to be a party. this is called fancy moonshine.


Goodnight Moon


when I grow up…

…i wanna be like Woody.

it is my belief that an art teacher should have an apprenticeship in art, should be interested in sharing his experiences with other people, should manually be able to show how to do it and verbalize his experience, and should explore and study what is new as well as what is constant.
Melvin “Woody” Wood

Indigo blues

The vats took a nap for a couple of days while cold air whipped through southern California. I woke them up yesterday afternoon, the sun having warmed them a bit. I tied this piece on cotton a few days back, wondering how I would dye it. The other end is ombré dyed and I think I will mount it for a wall piece. This is Richards technique put to another use.

1-2-3 indigo vat and some itajime at the JANM

first "homework" in the online indigo workshop

Things are getting going in the online indigo workshop. The first assignment was to create a vat and make swatches -these came out of the indigo lime fructose vat.

Last weekend’s itajime workshop at the JANM was more shibori fun. Many thanks to my intrepid JANM assistant Keiko who brought green tea and mochi to celebrate girls day. She really is the best!

It was fun to concentrate on one particular technique since we only have a few short hours to practice. We get to develop a better understanding of what we are doing and do it several times over. It was nice to see so many old shibori and indigo friends. We practiced on many types of silk with the colorhue dyes. It was a real pleasure to see everyone having such a good time enjoying silk and color!  Itajime was the perfect choice for the workshop considering  the upcoming exhibit at the museum:

Folding Paper-the infinite possibilities of origami

a few photos from the workshop:

ready, set, indiGO!

I am almost ready to launch the new online indigo workshop-lesson one. I will close registration on Sunday night. I am excited and honored to have such a great group gathered from so many places and with so many talents-all indigo-bound. We will surely learn much-and together. We already are.

The blog sites have been open for a couple of weeks now and folks are gathering supplies and asking questions. People are sharing their knowledge. There is still time to board the indigo-bound train, set to leave the station on Monday. A two week gap between lesson one and two will still allow for materials gathering and the set up of a vat. I won’t add anyone in after Sunday as I will need to focus on the class itself as opposed to adding more folks into the class.

jump on board!

more bones…

damn! i have studio work to do!! and bella has cats to chase…

but can’t let this go either…

OK…so looking at my incoming referrals i see this page:
(the following image is a screen shot from the Mexicali Blues clothing line blog post available at the aforementioned link)

tie dye is so cool... especially when you use the work of others to sell your stuff without permission

apparently the “no rules” clause applies to marketing as well here. i tried to post a comment asking them to remove my image but it wouldn’t take so i will just post it here. maybe someone will let them know i would like it removed.

a very early image from some of my first indigo experiments with shibori on silk

it’s been there a while- i just hadn’t seen it until now.

i did find a Fb page and posted a request to have it removed. sheesh. apparently they are a clothing store in Maine and have over 11M likes on their page… and for those of you wondering….i also deleted my pinterest account over a month ago as so much was being lost.
the folks at pinterest have some strange ideas…

and this from Thunderpaw: Pinterest – A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen
i’m sticking with flickr- folks there have more respect.

that is all…carry on.