giving meaning to “things”


i think this was one of the very first photos i added to my facebook profile several years ago around the holiday season. it’s a good reminder.
i bought this stitching many (maybe 15) years ago in Houston from the artist-who i don’t now know (if you recognize her work- let me know!). her work was always lovely and heartfelt.
these were the days before imports took over the handmade folk artists at the shows. it was really disheartening to see importers have copies made of these very obviously american folk crafts and bring them back to the very same shows where these folks were making a living and decimate their sales with inferior work at 3rd world prices. i’ll always remember this transaction because at the beginning of the show this piece was not for sale(NFS sticker on the front of it)- an obvious showcase for her smaller works with a personal attachment. i was just an admirer. at the end of the show i passed by again and she had put a price on it. perhaps something in the $300 range. when i spoke to her i had the feeling she really didn’t want to sell it but needed to. with some cash burning a hole in my pocket i bought it and have enjoyed it all these years. i don’t remember seeing her work again at the shows but have seen many repros of it. if i knew who she was i would offer it back to her as a gift.
somewhere i have a photograph of the whole thing. it is an advent calendar with lovely stitching and sentiments for each day of december-will have to search that down. it may be easier to take a new photo seeing as that was many HD’s and crashes ago…

wired shibori ribbon necklace and flower

so as we approach the time of year where we may want to remember someone with a little something special, consider something handmade. even something of your own making. i just added the instructions for my silk shibori wired necklace and flower into the bigcartel shop as a download. the dragonfly pin is also there. the instructions for the basic double flower are free here. i have kits for these as well and will add some more instruction only downloads this week. making things by hand is a good way to occupy yourself. and others will enjoy it as well.

i’ve also added the option to purchase a gift certificate. a nice way to give a gift of their choice.

(in addition, i’ve added a link in the sidebar and a page linked at the top)

and just a note- the large silkworm caterpillar in the last post was just a model i made from the last cocoons i raised. people seem to have thought it was real. they (the real ones) are going to start spinning tomorrow. i can feel it.

time passes by…

seems so long since the last post but it’s only been 4 days. odd.

first i should report…the cats are getting big. seriously big.

feel like i am in a bit of a fog. just working too much and other household/garden chores. got the shipment out for houston containing all my stuff for the workshops. that’s a big worry off my mind. i got an order off to a lovely jewelry maker in switzerland after some minor difficulties but all turned out well and much was learned. i have spend lots of time making up ribbon kits and more. spent the whole day today making silk flowers and new samples in between feeding the silkworms. no flower photos until after the show i think-just no time. will be doing a weeks worth of dyeing beginning tomorrow. the last hurrah before the show. there are some really beautiful things being gathered. it’s going to be fun presenting it all once i get to houston.

the above photo was just a teaser…based on something i saw when i was in japan. here is another view…

let's be friends...

like i said, the cats are getting big. i was surprised none started spinning this weekend. they just eat, and eat, and eat. and eat more. they should start spinning by wednesday for sure that will mark 30 days since they started hatching. i have a big container ready and waiting.

i should probably mention, if you want to purchase anything before houston, please do so by this friday ( Oct.21st). sales are always welcome~ but after that, things will be shipped upon my return. (after nov. 7)

i’ll be busy for the next few days but will let you know when the cats start spinning.

such a sadness…

be the love...

another act of incredible violence has occurred in the city adjoining ours. many lost their lives and many others directly affected not to mention the town as a whole. how will they ever recover from this? please send love.

last night as i walked the dog late with the full moon high in the sky i wondered…and today still wondering after i also heard that this tragedy was the worst mass killing in the history of Orange County-second only to one that occurred in July of 1976 in Fullerton where a gunman walked into the CSUF campus library, shot 9 people killing 7 of them.
i lived and worked in Fullerton that year- i was 18 and waiting to head off to UCD at the end of the summer, taking classes at FCC and working at a porcelain studio with several ceramics majors from CSUF. it was a day where sorrow hung heavy in the air. we all breathed of it. like today in Seal Beach and into Long Beach, Huntington Beach and further i imagine. i had almost forgotten that day until today when that feeling overwhelmed me and triggered that memory.

wondering, i googled July 1976 and looked at the full moon calendar for that month- July 11, 1976 2:08pm. the CSUF library shooting occurred on July 12, 1976. both events clearly occurring within the 24 hour period of the full moon.

wondering further…i found this.

but i still do wonder. World Mental Health Awareness Day was this past Monday.

on profit motive -rehash

i thought i’d repost this post– seems timely. i saw it this morning on the WP list of top views from today. not sure what was sending folks there since this is from a little over two years ago. after re-reading the comments here again one thing stands out from kim’s comment. i’ve never shied away or had guilt from making a “profit” from what i do. if there wasn’t a “profit” in it for me then i simply couldn’t do it. profit has become a word with many negative connotations.
after all, it’s just an income. like a job (yes, a REAL job). it’s not like i work on wall street or for any big corporation controlling the lives of others through money and power. i just create.

the power of shibori. imagine.

what i did like about the post was the balance. and the reminder that wendy is still up there creating hope and healing and that every now and then i can participate in that hope and balance in this world is some small way. the power of shibori indeed!

and sadly, the little blue indigo doll still has not turned up…
maybe i can make a new one by the end of the year.

every now and then it’s good to look back and remember where i was in this adventure. after all, that’s really why i started this blog in the first place-to keep track.
now that i am rounding the 1/2 million views and 5 year mark here with hundreds of subscribers and daily views, it’s good to go back and critique some of it from this vantage point. i think i will.

oh, and an interesting picture. every post should have one…

how many cocoons does it take?