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shibori flower garden

-been plantin’ some seeds & anticipating spring. looking for renewal.

I’m buried in paperwork for the next couple of days but in an effort to contest the dreariness of the job I procrastinated for a bit and made a bunch of pretty things. Should you want to make some yourself you can order up some ribbon and get a jump on spring.
Or you can order them made to order. All available on my etsy site.

I’ve always loved to look at how things grow and last month I dropped a few tulip bulbs into some containers to watch them grow indoors. This was taken over a week ago and now the roots are really fascinating. Several already have buds!

I am very excited to be taking a two day workshop with the master herself- Candace Kling! She just published a new website with dates of her upcoming workshops. I can’t wait to see what comes from mixing shibori ribbon with her techniques. This is my first class with her (or any ribbon class actually) and I hear they are just wonderful.
I’ve always loved her chocolate boxes-all ribbon of course!
This one is titled “Queen of Hearts”.
Make sure you click on the Art link in the sidebar to see some of her more unusual pieces. If you are in So Cal- maybe you’d like to join us!

Don’t forget- my shibori floral necklace class at Joggles starts March 11.

On another note-here’s a little lesson from the studio-
make sure you don’t contaminate the shibori by rolling the hot steamed poles on a towel that has some dye on it.
10 yards for an order that had to be redone!
so, after cutting out the offending sections-
-I have some very nice 12″-13″ yellow strips of shibori ribbon!
They’ll go into kits, scrap bags and finished flowers.
AND, I had to redye yellow, wrap, discharge, steam, & dry this color so I could ship the order!
When you have lemons -make lemon drop roses!

2009 Shibori Girl calendar- done!


Last year’s calendar sold out at both my Houston (Nov.) and Pasadena (Jan.) shows. This year’s version is done using the same format but of course with 13 of this year’s favorite and most commented on images from the blog and flickr. I’ll have them available in January at the Road to California show of course, but at the moment they’re for sale on my etsy site.

Spiral bound and printed on 11″ x 8.5″ 100# premium glossy stock.
If you order two or more-shipping is free- for now. They make a fun gift for any textile loving friend and of course you’ll need one for yourself!

Houston Quilt Festival

Texas Bob has a great post about the Houston Quilt Festival as well as a list of recommendations which includes the following:

1. Wear sensible shoes.
2. If you expect to see everything, have a plan and a map.
3. Bring your credit card.
4. Leave your husband at home.

Texas Bob describes attending this show from a man’s point of view which is just delightful and humorous and oh so true. It appears he write all kinds of posts about the state of Texas which I will go back and read at a later date- or perhaps on my iphone on that long drive out the 10 and across the lone star state.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed trying to get everything together just the way I want it but working through it bit by bit. Some things will go undone….. Reading this post (written in 2004) made me feel a little more relaxed.

I thought I would put up my schedule here for all of you going to the show and make note of a couple of corrections. If you look me up in the show guide at the show you’ll find me listed under Shibori Studio and not Shibori Girl Studios- they somehow flubbed the name. No matter…you’ll find me.

The show runs Thursday Oct. 30 through Sunday Nov. 2. There is a preview night on Wednesday the 29th from 7-10 PM.

My Make & Take classes:
How to make Silk Shibori Ribbon Flowers

Thursday Oct. 30 Noon – 1PM
Sunday Nov. 2 Noon- 1PM
Cost: $10 -kit included!
Sign up on the show floor- limited to 25 per class

And my Exploring Stitch Resisted Shibori workshop.
Friday Oct. 31 9 am – noon
I believe this class is filled but you may be able to check on any cancellations or classes for sale on the bulletin board located upstairs near the education office.

Grabbed the camera for a quick shot of this silk gauze which came off the pole today. Although the hot dry weather and Santa Ana winds combine to create a perfect fire storm in the canyons and valleys here in Southern California, it is really great for drying silk. As I recall, we were having fires here last year at this time and there was ash dropping from the sky from Long Beach all the way to Arizona as we traveled to Texas! This year it’s to the north west of us with the winds blowing toward the ocean.

(there are a few more on my flickr photostream)

One week to go…….

Silk Shibori Pocket Squares

The word charmeuse comes from the French verb “charmeur” which means “charming”. This silk shibori pocket square made of 100% silk charmeuse will add a little “charming” to any man’s dinner jacket pocket.

Hand dyed and pleated using the arashi shibori technique, these pocket squares can be manipulated into interesting shapes and tucked into a man’s jacket pocket, adding a splash of color and a touch of style to his wardrobe.
~ in my etsy shop as well as my bigcartel shop.