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feathering the nest-booth 1150

the female moths are busy laying eggs now and i am busy preparing things for my booth at the upcoming Long Beach Quilt Festival. my booth is my nest of sorts for the duration of the show and i like to see it properly feathered.

jude’s spirit will be with us as well. she is sending this and a few other things for proper feathering.

the ribbons are piling up under the full moon-

some threads will make an appearance in the indigo *department*

(cotton and silk-solids, ombres, shibori’d)

also new in the *indigo department* will be a selection of what i am calling Whole Cloth.
larger pieces of indigo fabrics including my sea and sky fabrics as well as shibori indigo.
due to the time required to make these, they are somewhat limited.
they include cottons, silks, hemp, linen, wool and other interesting fabrics.

above us only sky-left to right-sunny, partly cloudy, & June Gloom

i will be posting up more pics as i can but most of my time over the next week is devoted to nest making.

rainy day break

well, i survived another show.
today is rainy and my car is still packed with my booth. i’ll wait for a break in the rain to unload (i hope!) or just go ahead and do it in the rain i suppose.
the surfers in the house thought they would be going surfing today and i decided in my head that i would join them- build a fire in the rain and cook some food, perhaps sitting in the car, stitching or reading while watching them out on the horizon. but they have checked the surf report and seen that the waves are not to their liking so who knows what will happen today? in the meantime, i curled up on a couch and read some more Burchfield. i find a lot of comfort in his writing- his ups and downs, his highs and lows, torn between belief and disbelief. such passion. i read:

August 30, 1914
I sometimes feel, as tonight, that not until I at some time give my passions full play will I ever attain any kind of peace. And yet I fully know that such indulgence brings a worse state of mind. Thus is a man always fighting.

i see my feelings about doing shows changing these days. there are lots of reasons-many having to do with the changing tide of my own work. perhaps it is the moon’s gravitational pull on earth. as if the recent moon work is creating its own spring tides and pulling me towards it. i don’t know.
some of the other reasons have to do with the fact that i am creating work that is simply less commercial these days and still trying to support myself. and the work i am creating simply takes a lot of time. while everyone that passes by my booth is quite taken by the beautiful silk, the riotous colors, the fine pleating of the scarves and ribbon, the price remains higher than affordable to many in this economy. i am still figuring all this out and the current economy is proving quite the challenge. i do find it interesting though that while sales are down all over, costs continue to rise. booth fees, shop rents go up. one would think that in order to keep vendors coming back the fees would stay set or even drop a bit but apparently there are waiting lists (or so we’re told) of many waiting their chance to take an empty space.
i do so enjoy the contact with the customers though- really a necessity for me. if i don’t see them face to face from time to time i can’t come up with ideas that inspire them to use what i do make. one of my favorite things at a show is when a mom will bring her kids in. really. i love to talk to them about what they like to do with their creative time. i always give them a length of ribbon to take away and explore. the way they fondle the pleated ribbon, opening and closing it, feeling its softness- you can almost see the wheels turning in their heads. they pick a color- such unexpected happy fun- for both of us!

-then there are the stories like this-
two women come into the booth- gaga over everything- love this, so beautiful, etc., etc., and upon seeing the silk shibori pocket squares, one remarks “oh! my husband would LOVE these!” sensing a sale, i encourage her to open some of them up and as she does she sees the price ($20) to which she says “he’s not worth the $20!” . trying to recover the moment i say “oh come on now, you don’t really mean that”. to which she says, “oh yes i do!” her friend nods and they leave the booth. thankfully. the stories i could tell. well, as you can see, shows have their ups and downs.
i was heartened however, to sell some of my indigo moon bookmarks (a few left over and available at the etsy shop). they took a moment to stop, look and read the description i had written and loved them. you had to slow down a moment to appreciate them and it pleased me greatly that some people did take the time.

Burchfield later wrote:

September 27 1916
Sometimes I wonder at the Multitude of Ideas I gather- does profusion breed confusion? I think it is rather like the prolific quality of Nature, who scatters seed in such great quantities where only one out of a million may grow.

if i only felt i knew which ones to spend my time and energy on…

on the wane and back again

Lest you think I have not been working and thinking, thinking and working- let me set you straight. Orders shipping out, dyeing, preparing for November shows and some pretty awesome reading among other things going on here. Finished reading “Outliers“while I was in TX and was rewarded with confirmations of many things I previously subscribed to (the 10,000 hour theory) but am far less eloquent than Malcom Gladwell is at verbalizing or writing about. He has some very interesting ideas and stories to tell that illustrate why certain people come to be very successful. He explains that we tend to focus on the individual themselves, rather than the circumstances of time, place, and opportunity surrounding the individual. An easy, fun and great read.
Secondly, I received my copy of Hans Abbing’s book “Why Are Artists Poor? The Exceptional Economy of the Arts”. I nearly snatched it out of the FedEx delivery guy’s hands. Well, metaphorically speaking, I was an eager beaver and know ahead he will be preaching to the choir on this one, but once again looking for some very eloquent, researched and well organized thinking on the subject. He is an artist AND an ecomomist- go figure! A rare bird indeed! This book is taking me a bit more time as it is somewhat more academic but he has some really provocative and brilliant thoughts on the economy of art and myths that we seem to insist on furthering-and not to our own best interest.
And in my stumbling ’round the internet on the subject, I came across this guy whom I found very interesting and you might too. Should you have any gifting needs for chess enthusiasts in your life he has some pretty cleverly funny chess t-shirts in addition to his painting which I found I liked very much. His blog is excellent in my opinion. Watch his video on the location of his studio.

A link to all his YouTube channel is located here– be prepared to spend a little time.
Then on to another topic- copyrights- and this story which Neki at moveable feast alerted us to on FB. In addition to a small donation, I offered to send one of my large shibori scarves to anyone of my FB contacts or blog readers who purchased one of his firepits before Nov. 7th (apparently the deadline for his next court date).
And now I share with you a most amazing exhibit of a painter whom was formerly and completely unknown to me- Charles Burchfield.
CB Insect Chorus
Today was a planned “day off” for me and my guy so we headed to the Hammer Museum in LA to take a look at the much ballyhooed Crumb exhibit– an illustrated version of the complete book of Genesis. This exhibit is getting a lot of press here and after seeing a special on Crumb himself a few years back I was interested in checking it out. Upon entering the gallery, there was a free tour getting underway (which we declined to join) but the docents voice was so annoying and being unable to tune it out we decided to step out and return after the tour was over. And am I ever thankful for that annoying docent tour! We wandered over to the next gallery where we discovered the Charles Burchfield exhibit. It was amazing! The first gallery showed a collection of his early works 1917-1920 I believe, and included the above painting. A watercolorist, he apparently painted a large volume of work during this, his early period (my personal favorite). His use of black was wonderful, and a great graphic contrast in all the pieces in this group. To learn more about his three distinct periods you can go here. The story is fascinating. One of the things I really loved about this show was that there were so many notes about each piece in the artist’s own words. I really felt as if I got to know him through this exhibit. Perhaps more so than any other artist’s show I have ever seen. This one will stick with me for a long, long time. There also are examples of some of his commercial work as a wallpaper designer and greeting card illustrator- as well as some of his personal thoughts on effects of that on his personal work.
Phew! After a brief break, it was off to the Crumb exhibit again which itself was an exhaustive effort. The sheer volume of illustrations is enough to knock you over not to mention viewing the subject matter in comic book illustration form. I could only take so much.
I want to thank the LA Times for their over the top promotion of the Crumb show which led me to find a new painter, Charles Burchfield, to add to my list of favorites!
So, tomorrow it is back to shibori, silk, dyeing and experimenting. Preparing for my SF shows and more. I have a class that needs filling at the SF Bead & Design show- you can go here to check that out and register online.

Bead shops and packing for Houston

Tig has been helping me with the packing for Houston and finally the first 4 boxes are done! It’s most of it which includes all the set up stuff, flooring, most of the inventory,and the materials and kits I need for my workshop. Phew! Even Tig was glad this part is done. She even found a box just her size and wanted to go along with to show off her pretty shibori tiger stripes.

I was taking a photo of Studio Beads new order when tig decided she needed a new head shot for her portfolio (you know, Hollywood is only about 30 minutes from here on a good day).

all shipped out

all shipped out

Many of the bead shops are now ordering ribbon for all kinds of lovely projects and jewelry-it’s fun for me to see all the creative uses for the ribbon when it’s put in the hands of so many talented people. I am in awe!
50 yards assorted cuts

50 yards assorted cuts

The bead shops prefer to order assorted one yard cuts as they are able to get a broad assortment of colors which works very well with beaders. I choose the selections and so far they just keep coming back for more. If you know of a bead shop you think would like to order the ribbon, please either let me know- or just pass this post and my links along- and thanks!

every inch an adventure

inching along...

inching along...

You might say that could be me in the photo above, inching along in my preparation for Houston show. I am making progress but at the same time so much to do! I have dyed up so much lovely ribbon but darn if people don’t just keep ordering the stuff! I’m gonna be setting a cutoff date soon on when I will stop shipping. Probably by Monday the 5th- be advised! Won’t ship again until after the 20th of October.

As I was working these past few days I started thinking (uh-oh..) about my product and what exactly it is I am selling. Yes, of course I am selling silk shibori ribbon (speaking only about the ribbon now) but what is the ribbon really? One silky yard of lovely color, pleated, undulating cool silk made with the spit of a worm. It represents perhaps the promise of something beautifully crafted by hand, some free time to create, a gift, a challenge, a little piece of something to inspire. It’s a little piece of me too, in a way. A piece of my story, my persistence,
my desire to make and to create. My desire to spread that and infect more people to take a little adventure into creativity. I’ve become an adventure capitalist! So come on among- join the adventure. Come on by and see me in Houston at the International Quilt Festival (Oct.13-18) in booth 728 where every inch is an adventure!

My shibori workshop has been sold out for some time (as have many of the Silk Experience workshops-look for a surge in sewing with silk!) but I have an open lecture on Thursday morning -come on by! (New shibori workshop scheduled in LA at the Japanese American National Museum March 27, 2010-contact JAMN for info-limited to 25.)
Back to it- getting ready to ship my booth stuff…

Summer Solstice Indigo Love

The word for indigo in Japanese is “ai” which is also the word for love. They share the same sound although each is represented by different kanji (characters).

Roses have long been a symbol of love and here I have “married” both my love for indigo with my love of flowers and especially the rose.
(available in my Etsy shop)

indigo rose

As you know, I have been practicing with my indigo vats and working on achieving both good depth and variation of shades in indigo blue. I am working on getting better at ombre dyeing with indigo. This weekend the vats are performing the best they ever have…perhaps it’s the solstice!
indigo ombre

Happy Father’s Day dad!

sayonara sale

Typically in Japan, when one moves, one has a sayonara sale. That’s just the way they do it there. Also, a sayonara sale is a great place to pick up stuff you need when furnishing a new apartment. Check out the sayonara sale ads in the Tokyo craigslist. Garage sale- Japanese style.

Well I’m not moving in the classical sense but I thought it would be fun to have a sayonara sale prior to leaving FOR Japan. And besides, who couldn’t use a little extra yen on a 3 week trip to Japan? Count me in-and maybe you too if you have been thinking about buying some scrumptious silk shibori ribbon and just haven’t done it yet. Here’s the deal:

-purchase my sayonara sale special from my etsy shop prior to Sunday night (that’s THIS Sunday folks May 3rd!)
-special includes 3 yards of my silk shibori ribbon for the price of two yards (or $29 )
-choose your colors (up to 3-sorry no half yards) from the photo in the listing and just note the color numbers in the “note to buyer” section
-limited to the colors in the photo ONLY-just to make it simple
-any questions just email me or leave me a comment and I’ll email you back

Sale limited to stock on hand- I’ll update the listing if any of the colors sell out. Here is a photo of the colors being offered:

I’ll pull down the sale from Etsy at 6 PM Sunday night!
(until then!)
kaimono shimasu!

I’ll be blogging along the silk experience road via bus, train and shinkansen starting 5/6/09 so stay tuned!