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Arimatsu Tie Dye Museum

This morning I was browsing the site of the Arimatsu Tie Dye Museum and in my head planning my next trip to Japan to visit the shibori museum there. At this point I have a number of things I want to do while I am there and I will email a few of my friends to check out some possibilities. Although I could easily spend another month there, reality suggests that a week to 10 days might be my limit. Better brush up on my Japanese!

changing to wordpress……

After numerous image posting/viewing problems on eblogger, I have decided to move the blog to wordpress. Until I get all past posts and images moved over, you can still view the blog here.
I have also started a shibori photo pool on Flickr! in hopes of communicating with others practicing shibori. All new posts will be made to this blog only.