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it seems as if

Is it?
I don’t know.

But I did finally finish this piece. I had to. Some things just can’t be left undone.

can they?

He asked me if it was too late to send a thank you card.
I said “it’s never too late to say thank you. or to say I’m sorry-or I love you for that matter.” It’s really a gift to yourself.

Family new and old gathered ’round here these past few days. As far as I am concerned, whoever graces our table at Thanksgiving is added to the list of “family”. My “family” is really akin to a crazy quilt. Made by hand of the finest and scrappiest of materials. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

As far as this piece goes, it goes way back to 2007 when Karren Brito started a makiage challenge on flickr and I was learning discharge. It was just a practice piece. It resurfaced from time to time and I wondered about it here and there. At one point I decided to practice some quilting on it so I discharged some black seam binding with the arashi technique.
At some other point it resurfaced again and I started doing some hand stitching on it. Eventually, the binding and the quilted part were reunited and half the binding was stitched on. A couple of years ago it surfaced again and I started hand finishing the binding. This past summer it made it’s way into my Yosemite bag and I finished the binding.
Yesterday, I stitched on a couple of hangers to the back and cut a stick onto which to mount it. Finally. Done. Only took 5 years.

Seems I’m in this for the long haul.

-and finally it makes it’s way next week to San Francisco. As a reminder. Of many things.

Online Silk Shibori Techniques workshop

I thought I would remind folks newly interested in learning shibori techniques that my original online shibori techniques workshop is still available in my online bigcartel shop.  It has been there for over a year now  since I originally posted it- many have taken it.  After the first initial run of the class I reworked it into a self-study class for a very fair price of $25 (that’s $5 per lesson!).

Here is the intro to my online shibori workshop:

The beauty of shibori is that it was created in a much simpler time, yet resulted in some stupendous fabric designs and possibilities. It was created out of ingenuity and a desire to have decorative fabrics for the masses. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make yourself some basic shibori fabrics. In fact, most of what you need can probably be found in your kitchen, your garage or just hanging around the house.

As an anniversary of sorts, I am going to include a 20 minute skype call with the purchase of this class through the end of October.  You can use this call for a review of your work at the end of the class, for one-on-one help on a particular technique, or just to chat.

It’s always a pleasure to encourage creativity and wonder through shibori. Shibori is good for that. It encourages problem solving and original thought-I think that is what drew me to it in the first place and has continued my interest. I am also going to go on into the class and update a few things, perhaps add a little here and there as well.  It’s been a while since I checked in over there.

As always, the online class is always there for you regardless of timezone and time of day. No commuting necessary.  There for you when you are there and ready to check in.  No roll call needed, and you’re never late to class!

My other online classes include:

Let’s Dye with Indigo!


Indigo Mandala Workshop with Richard Carbin and Shibori Girl

I give you the techniques and you make it your own! You can be assured that the images I post here, on my flickr, and in my classes are of my own work (unless noted) and not of the work of others. Some examples include:

online shibori class

itajime lesson 1

All week long I have been meaning to get this post to announce the rerunning of my online class, Shibori Techniques on Silk. (click the link for details) The beauty of shibori is that it was created in a much simpler time, yet resulted in some stupendous fabric designs and possibilities. It was created out of ingenuity and a desire to have a cottage industry making decorative fabrics for commercial purposes. Over time, and with practice, this craft has risen to great heights-limited only by the makers imagination and willingness to practice it to near perfection and limitless possibilities.

If there is anything that I would like to get across in this workshop it is that it’s not the materials, supplies, or perfect studio setup that makes the art or the artist. It’s your ingenuity in using what you have on hand in inventive and creative ways that will produce interesting results-often leading you on to the next level and asking you to wonder….what if…..?

tigga inspecting the orinui last from last years class

One of the reasons I offer this online class is to reach out to people who want to take a class on their own schedule or who don’t get out to take classes at shows or other venues. I’ve been teaching various classes online now for 4 years and I’m pleased with the way teaching online has developed. By using video, skype, and private blogs you can organize an online class that has a real community feeling.

I’ve received several emails from people wanting to know if they could do this class in their apartment or kitchen. ( Yes!) This is one of the reasons I like to teach with the Colorhue dyes. They are simple and non toxic and even though they have their limitations (no true red or black) you can easily use them in a home setting or with kids. There are no fumes, no heat or chemicals involved in setting the dyes. I’m also offering a workshop materials kit for those who would like one. Otherwise, you can collect your own materials from someone like Dharma Trading.

stitches from the heart-makiage and mokume

This is an enhanced version of the class I ran last year on Joggles. I have been asked many times when or if it would be offered again. I decided back then that I wanted to have control over my own classes as there were things I wanted to do (like the videos and skypeing) that those sorts of sites didn’t offer. I also like the blog style format for the online classes. It’s much more visual and interactive when everyone is posting their work, asking and answering questions, and commenting and critiquing. Between shows, orders, making, and life in general it has taken me this long to step up to pulling this together! Hard to believe. Likely, this will be the only time I will offer this class online this year. Even though much of the class is already prepared, I always feel there is more to add and will be doing just that along the way. Enrollment is not limited but you must enroll by Feb 28 so I can get everyone set up on the blog/forum prior to the start of the workshop. Get out your wondering hats and let’s have some fun!

feathering the nest-booth 1150

the female moths are busy laying eggs now and i am busy preparing things for my booth at the upcoming Long Beach Quilt Festival. my booth is my nest of sorts for the duration of the show and i like to see it properly feathered.

jude’s spirit will be with us as well. she is sending this and a few other things for proper feathering.

the ribbons are piling up under the full moon-

some threads will make an appearance in the indigo *department*

(cotton and silk-solids, ombres, shibori’d)

also new in the *indigo department* will be a selection of what i am calling Whole Cloth.
larger pieces of indigo fabrics including my sea and sky fabrics as well as shibori indigo.
due to the time required to make these, they are somewhat limited.
they include cottons, silks, hemp, linen, wool and other interesting fabrics.

above us only sky-left to right-sunny, partly cloudy, & June Gloom

i will be posting up more pics as i can but most of my time over the next week is devoted to nest making.

tiny masters and makiage

as micheal so aptly describes silkworms on his famous website Wormspit the silkworms have become my tiny masters. Susan from ito de is also working at raising some too, with varied success. so far i’m good but still i expect i may kill them off at any point in this adventure. here are a few pics at day 5. remember, they were much smaller when they first hatched (hard to believe)-

a few progress pics of the makiage piece you saw in the last post-the front side

back side-

and then the madness that is the drawing up of all these threads- a little more madness than i counted on so to remedy that i made adequate preparations…

it certainly did help-

then the indigo madness began-

culminating in this result-

now before you go all gaga and approve, i have some criticisms of the piece to list. first, while all the stitching lines held and the process in general went well, the overall design is not very desirable for makiage.
hard to tell really that it is a fish (if you didn’t know beforehand). so perhaps a bit too complicated for this size of a piece. i think it would have been much improved to my liking if some of the stitching had been eliminated altogether. while these stencils were fine for kanoko shibori, not all of them will translate well to this application. most though are not this complicated and now that i see this i know better which ones i might choose to use in this way. i will say though that using the powdered (cosmetic grade) ground indigo to brush over the stencil worked beautifully and transferred the design efficiently. i’m going to go through the stencils and pick out a few more that i want to try out. i wonder if any of you out there might be interested in purchasing some cotton marked with the design and stitch them up yourselves… think i will test out the thought at the upcoming Quilt Festival in Long Beach.

off to work…and yes, i do know it is a holiday!

a proper sendoff

all the indigo gets a proper sendoff- a little flapping in the breeze. gives me time to evaluate it and think on what i might do differently on the next one. this time i noticed the moon was right there too, as if it approved of the whole deal.

a whole order might look something like this-

i’m experimenting with some arashi indigo and i think i may have gone a little haywire- nothing new and besides, i like it!