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fugitive indigo and thoughts along those lines

yesterday i received this text rather unexpectedly:

“being an artist is impossible while being content”

here i was, just mucking along and minding my own business- doing some overdyeing and steaming-making ribbon for an order and the show (with a quick side sneak over to the indigo vat- it whispers my name and tempts me to lift the lid to behold its shimmery blues and greens when i am trying to get other things done!).
this missive took me by surprise but since it was from my older (20) son who is on tour with a ska band and his trumpet, i decided to play along.
“that is the struggle. compromise is impossible to avoid if one is to retain one’s sanity. often good ideas come from discontent. necessity being one of the mothers of invention and all that.”

(frank zappa-gotta luv him) watch to the end of the interview to understand the reason for the band name change. he has some interesting things to say on other counts as well. then there is this video with him years later before he passed away from cancer. still entertaining and still very zappa. (just ignore katie et all but some interesting footage)

i continued: “it’s just plain difficult being an artist under most circumstances.”
his response:
“i think i’d rather be insane”

travel is good for expanding one’s horizens and in this case he’s discovering much. like how he wants more than being a hired trumpet. it’s not satisfying his artistic needs.
good to know ( i knew it all along- just waiting for him to catch up). but he’s traveling and learning which you just can’t put a price on.

he continued:
“-just struggling with the fact that i’ll never be content. wouldn’t you rather make fantastic art than be content?”
“-fact is i wouldn’t be content if i wasn’t making art in some form. fantastic is relative. one could argue it’s a form of mental illness of sorts”
“how am i supposed to have a life?”
“you have to craft a life- make choices – find balance when possible.”

silence till this morning when i read:
“too much to drink-in the Netherlands. show tonight.
nvm-just got off the boat and we are in France! who knew?!”

life is for living. art is for learning and sharing.

now lest you think i’m holding out on you, here’s the latest evolution:
fugitive indigo-who knows what will happen next?

detail of the larger piece which is a yard cut of 55″ wide habotai silk. not sure what i will do with this but i may take it to the show and see what happens. otherwise, i have a few ideas of my own.