Getting in touch with reality

Some days are a real mix of duties.

Today, I:

-filed and paid my state sales tax return

-returned many emails

-attended to the Tour banking

-made indigo moons!! Yay!⬅️

-shipped some orders

-vacuumed and cleaned house

-videoed for phil

-pulled some weeds and trimmed the apricot tree

-made dinner

-attended to my social media

-posted this!

I had to make this list because at one point I actually felt I didn’t get anything done today.

I needed to remind myself.

Moons for komebukuro.

9 thoughts on “Getting in touch with reality

  1. Nancy

    Gee Glennis…you get a lot done!!
    I talked to a retired doctor for an hour, researched and wrote a blog post (took a long while, it did), pulled out floss and took 4 stitches, found my misplaced beloved Hallmark datebook (took forever and caused me to go through a bunch of papers etc), did WORDLE and watched a couple Battle Bots with J.
    I looked at the sky, listened to the wind and talked to a friend and my sister.
    Now day is done with Doc Martin and some ice cream 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration for reflection.

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