Up or Down?

…or somewhere inbetween?

I have been feeling very confused lately. Lost really. One day I decide to offer some workshops, the next day I it all seems wrong and I change my mind, only to retrieve the idea a couple of days later. Take this post for example, will I keep it? Delete it? I just don’t know…

In the meantime, I make moons for the moon circle. The March moons are almost all finished. I took a little different approach to March. Maybe it’s the mood I’ve been in lately. March moons focused on process- the discharge process. Discharge is the removal of color- the discharging or releasing of the dye molecule from the cloth. Separation. Like mind from body. Disappearing the color…less and loss. Waning…declining, diminishing, decreasing.
It’s a process in itself to study.

I decided what I am going to do with my moons. I’ve been wondering about that, and about when that might happen. Up to now I have just been saving one set each month along with the description I enclose in a notebook until i figured it out. Mostly I thought I would do a wall piece or a small quilt that included all the moons from 2022. But then I had a little visit with my grandson…
I was wearing my cross shoulder moonbag and we were looking at some photos of himself I had just taken of him on my phone. He wanted to look at other photos and so I showed him some garden photos, the cats and dogs, and as we flipped by some of the moons, he identifies them…”Nana, moon!” (yes, he’s talking up a storm at 2 1/2 now). Then he looks at my bag, and says “Nana’s Moon”. Could you love it any more? I kept thinking about it over the next day and each time it just made me smile. As I was packaging up the moons in their cards and printing out the mailing labels it came to me…a little moonbook for Dean! Nothing too elaborate, just one page a month- small and simple enough so it’s doable and can be completed easily over time little pages I can take along and stitch on here and there. Now I’m a little excited and l am looking forward to this project!


I wonder what some of you out there are doing with your moons. Maybe you too are collecting them until the right moon mood hits you. I hope some of you will eventually share your moon projects with me.

As I finish up one month’s set of moons I think about the next. I already have my idea for May but for April, I may focus on some natural dyed moons using the seed pods from the feathery cassia out front.

Leslie from NSW Australia identified the mystery plant from the last post as a type of wattle in the comments and said that the seed pods from a particular wattle yield a green. Must test that out. The wattle is just now setting pods so in a couple of months I will collect them. The cassia too- but I have a bag of pods I saved from last summer so will use those now. She also clued me into a website I wasn’t familiar with that had a great list of wattle. I only had my own moon leaf wattle so didn’t realize how many other types there are! Especially did not guess that many of them are a narrow leaf variety.

I’ve planted some marigold seeds again for some late summer /fall possibilities. I have lots of tomato seedlings almost ready to plant out. I was out checking on the madder this week and broke off a few skinny root bits to propagate some new plants for another area- they are already sending out shoots! In the same area, I have a cyclamen I planted nearly 40 years ago. It disappeared a few times over the years but when we had enough rain it would reappear. It’s not a fancy one but a bright deep red/pink and in the past few years I’ve made an attempt to water it when needed just to keep it alive. It’s at the base of the ginko tree and benefits from the great mulch of ginko leaf drop in the winter. While i was checking on the madder (nearby) I noticed HUNDREDS of tiny cyclamen babies! Not knowing how these reproduced I looked it up on youtube and saw a fascinating vid on cyclamen plantings. Not having to worry about propagating them myself, I’m just potting up some of these to spread around. They are kinda expensive to buy at the nursery if you want a bunch of them. They little babies are pretty adorable. It will be fun to watch them grow. I didn’t know that they preferred dry shady areas! I think they really like the ginko mulching they get here.

And speaking of seed pods, Nancy surprised me with a package today of the pods she collected in this post from her blog Pomegranate Trail. I had commented on them and they are more fascinating in person. They really do float my boat Nancy! What I noticed also is that they make a cool percussive sound when they knock together. (this is what happens when you have lots of drummers around you-everything becomes percussion!

nancy’s seed pod boats!

And speaking of percussion, we went to see Trev and Jen in the pit orchestra for Fullerton College’s production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was great fun- I had never seen this live and was amazed at how much the music relied on the percussionist. It was written for 3 percussionists I think but there was only budget for one (remember this is education and the arts, not war) and he held it down well hopping from one instrument to the next. But in the hallway there I saw this poster. It’s great don’t you think?

There were also 4 more relating to music and theater degrees. Looks like they had been there a while and produced by the college some time ago…

Also, when I am doing handwork etc., I’ve been taking Robert Reich‘s “open class” called “Wealth and Poverty” on YouTube. It’s quite good and you don’t even have to enroll in a University! I’m a little behind and on week four at the moment. I think he’s a great teacher on this topic. His website is here.

And finally, my hanging orchid (not upright blooming) cymbidium is glorious at the moment…it has 8 flower spikes and about 270 blossoms! I repotted it and moved its location last year but other than a little worm juice from the worm bin it’s pretty much ignored.


So I guess I found my way after all…

26 thoughts on “Up or Down?

  1. Mo Crow

    (((Glennis))) Queen of the Moon! I’m working on one of your delicious moon’s into a memory keeper bag to put all the cards and good wishes people have sent for Old Man Crow’s passing, will share when it’s finished which may take some time as I am just testing my wings for flying solo after half a lifetime with my magical man!

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  2. nancydas

    Dear Glennis, I have finally updated my cc and created a new account. I don’t want to miss a month so can you send me March moons with the April moons? Or if that’s not possible, just send the March moons now? Life is kind of nutty now as we are trying to live life while we downsize for our retirement home. Of course there’s so much in the atmosphere now to complicate things. Looking forward to reading your new blog post but wanted to get this done first! Thanks Nancy

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. Pam S.

    Feeling down today too, but what a nice story about your grandson… I’m a Nana to my two little grandkids too! I’ve thought about making them a page a month for a fabric book too, but haven’t got around to it yet. 💙👍🏻

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  4. Nancy Dasenbrock

    I didn’t realize that my comment (above) would be public…sorry. But now that I’ve read the blog i see that you haven’t sent the march moons yet. Good… i haven’t missed anything. As to what i am doing with mine, this is a year of transition and as the moon is a symbol of transition for me, i am making a book of the twelve moons.

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  5. cednie

    Feeling lost… sounds familiar. I love how plants can lead the way out. Seed pods, plant babies, new life, flowering, all so lovely to observe. I haven’t decided what to make with my moons yet. Meanwhile (moonwhile?) I’m savoring them and wondering. Enjoy hearing other’s ideas.


  6. Nancy

    Glennis~ Love reading about all of the moon books! I hope you share yours when you get to it 🙂
    So that is a cassia tree, eh? I don’t know if I knew that (probably did at some point), but we have them all around my old (not yet opened) work, so I’ve taken so many photos. They really are stunning!
    Seeing that sweet tiny root is really filled with hope, yes?
    I’m glad you hope boat arrived! It must have been quite the site watching me collect them…bent over, picking them up one by one…looking for seed imprints and banging each one on the cement to hear the sound…no two alike! Float well xo

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      The seedy fluff reminds me of milkweed seeds. I’m going to try to move some of those seedlings and see if I can get them established in another area too.
      Not sure if that’s a cassia though.

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  7. taichi2012---Janet Wright

    I love your blog and hope you will keep writing. The Pacific Northwest has been pretty gloomy, rainy and cold lately–so my plants are just now starting to peek out. Lots of miniature daffodils. I have my moons in a basket–and don’t have any ideas yet–but I do get them out and line them up every once in awhile. The earthquake in Japan is worrisome. I hope all of your Japanese friends are safe. Janet

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  8. Margaret+S+Mills

    Read your wide-ranging blog today with so much interest & admiring the moon bags & cheering on the idea of the moon book! Cannot say now how dyeing work will proceed when my EOL planning work is done. Though made time today to enjoy your art making & plan to carve out more time from now on.

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