Full Snow Moon

Today is the full moon and a February moon- the Snow Moon. And coincidentally, we had a cold snap that brought hail and snow locally here yesterday (Pasadena!). Last week it was 90! Check this out!
I’ve been working on finishing up the February moon circle subscription sets and along the way I took some photos to document the fabrics and some of the process.
This month’s main moon is indigo dyed on some very old kanoko silk shibori. This was already partially deconstructed when I found it at a temple sale. Only the lining had been removed.

February’s moons…
I love how after dyeing,rinsing, and drying as well a light steam pressing, the shibori texture endures!!

just a few shots of the work table- plus a test dip into the revived fermentation vat oxidizing… looks like it’s fine! It was in the upper 80’s and even 90 one day so I got the ferm vat back in shape. Now it’s cold again!

i was just playing around with some silk- not a moon but planetary. saw some beautiful Nasa telescope photos that were the inspiration.

This week’s shop favorites were all about moons.

I was looking around online for old images of something and I came across this site which was a lot of fun. I’ll go back later to enjoy more. This particular image about washing kimono might interest you. Enjoy and wonder!

13 thoughts on “Full Snow Moon

  1. Liz A

    I have been stitching on the large January obi moon … using a single strand of a super-fine cotton/silk floss with a John James #11 quilting needle … observing the difference between the high sheen of one side and the textured matte of the other … how both are the “right” side to use

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  2. taichi2012

    I love these posts. They give us an even greater appreciation for the fabrics of Japan. You do a lovely job with your blog. I am sad that so many textile people have given up their blogs in favor of Instagram–etc. I guess many people I our world just don’t want to take the time to really see someone’s process and the thought that goes behind it. I appreciate this–but then I am a “process” person

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      I know. So many of the OG blogs gone. It does take persistence. And these days it costs $ whereas in the beginning it was all free. IG is a quick fix for many. I don’t get much satisfaction there and prefer the blog where I can communicate more. 16 years blogging now!! Jude is one of the others that has kept hers going. A few others. Thanks for being there!

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