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Has it been a month and a half since i blogged here?? Is that possible? This might be the longest “dry spell” here since i started blogging sometime in 2006 (maybe I’m just giving you and myself a break).

Lots going on really- I should probably break this post up in chapters, we’ll see. In brief, the summer garden has kept us well fed and busy with it’s bounty. I’ll add an annotated gallery of photos in this post. This year the garden seems like it is in perfect harmony with itself. Lots of insects keeping each other in check. Fun to watch.

The tekumo shibori zoom workshop has concluded and students are working on their own with posts on the group blog to guide them, a place to post their own work and ask questions. That is really what has kept me pretty busy. Lots of technical challenges. Multiple cameras, multiple devices, recording, lighting and audio! Jeeze- and all I wanted to do was teach you some shibori. I do miss in person workshops. I was fortunate to have a student volunteer to co- host the sessions- Thank you Komo!! She also took attendance and kept the chat questions going when I was busy presenting in addition to making me some good spreadsheets. Great fun though- a fun roster of exceptional people- some whose path I have crossed variously in the past and some new friends- all looking to learn and get creative!

Part of the class was about creating the fabrics, learning and practicing tekumo, but the end of the class was about using the fabrics you created- in any way whatsoever. One of the pieces I made from class demos for purposes of exampling what one could do, was an indigo wall hanging. I really had a good time making it and thinking about the elements of it. Using pieces I made as demo pieces was part of that fun. At a certain point I let these pieces evolve. I try not to have many pre-planned ideas or expectations as to their final outcome. Often, they are made over the course of several weeks and while that process is happening, life occurs. Natural disasters, loss, rebirth…things one contemplates while one stitches and creates. It ended up as a very tactile piece and one that really should be touched to fully experience it.
I added it into the shop here.

I’m also working on more silk organza tekumo pieces as well as a 2 hour make-along zoom class to make the organza flowers. If you were in the online workshop and made the fabric, use that! If you just want to make one and want to order a kit, I’ll have that available too!
There’s a list developing for a second online tekumo shibori workshop so if you are interested, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

And for those of you still waiting for the Silk Study Tour to Japan 2022 signup email, I’m hesitating a bit until I see what direction the pandemic is taking. In the meantime, stay safe, masked and vaccinated so we can meet again!
Here’s a little video that Hirata san made of a new restaurant in Kamakura-I want to try it out next visit!

14 thoughts on “Circle back

  1. Andra Christenson

    Hi. It’s been a while since I took Indigo Dyeing from you at the National Japanese Museum. I would like to know if you are still planning a Silk Tour in Japan during 2022. Maybe I could start saving my $ and go on the next one after this stupid pandemic.


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  2. indigo2day

    Hello Glennis, couldn’t wait to see what was happening in the Shiborigirl world .
    I just returned home from the hospital. Had to have another major surgery to fix what the last surgeon left undone..
    It has truly been a nightmare since May of 2020 .
    Found a doctor that could help me and now I’m on my way to a full recovery.
    I love all you posts from the summer . You were a busy girl .
    Beautiful veggies an flowers!
    Getting back to Tekumo. I have really fell in love with the process and the history behind the beautiful design work.
    I’ve just took out all my binding threads and I’m so happy how it came out.. pictures to come .
    I’m also interested in your next Tekumo Class

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Wow Connie-I had no idea. I’m so glad you are on the way to recovering from all this!
      I’m thrilled you also fell in love with tekumo through the workshop and I’m really looking forward to seeing your photos!



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