wondering into the new year…

Here we are. The last post here for the year.

I’m suffering from a poverty of words for the New Year.
I continue on in the studio as well as with the Daily Dyer blog. It’s quiet business-wise this year so I ponder what comes next. Maybe with this poverty of words, pictures might be the best…

And here are a few of the sillier things I learned during this year’s isolation …
-I can’t believe I never learned to put chicken feet in my chicken soup until this year! (try it!)
-Planting seeds every week keeps me looking forward.
-I benefited from not being one to have my hair cut, colored or permed- I look basically the same!
-Same goes for manicures! My indigo blue nails worked just fine!
-Millions of women will probably give up bras and heels for good (at least on the daily).
-I can teach on Zoom! It’s fun and sometimes hilarious! (look for more in the coming year)
-I enjoy isolation more than most.
-I like wearing a mask when in public and washing my hands more (didn’t have a cold or the flu all year)!
-I do miss teaching in person workshops, especially at JANM.

I wonder what others learned…

But on a more serious note…
I’m in sympathy with all the people who lost friends and family this year. Each day brings new losses. Today I read that 1 in every 1000 Americans died of covid or covid related illness this year. I had to look that up-to be sure. A very somber statistic with which to end the year. It simply cannot go unheeded. Add to that the related statistic that 1 in every 17 Americans have been infected with covid. I put that here as a reminder to myself of what kind of year this was-not that we are likely to forget, but as a marker of sorts- a solemn headstone for 2020.
May we all continue to carry on, to hold up those who are in need of holding, to console those who suffered loss, and to help heal those who face new life and health challenges going forward as a result. In reality, we don’t need to see the New Year roll over to accomplish these humane acts but it seems that the New Year is a celebration that can unite us in these thoughts, so I offer it here.

Seems I did manage to find a few words.
Travel well my friends. Continue to be courageous, kind, and creative into 2021.
Love to you all. And let’s keep looking up.

18 thoughts on “wondering into the new year…

  1. Mo Crow

    (((Glennis))) Queen of Moon Makers what a beautiful post to look back on this strange old year, x fingers 2021 will see all of us people of Earth turning the tide to look after our beautiful broken world!

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  2. carol tummon

    Thank you so much for those beautiful images and words!

    It is just so overwhelming to actually realize that in less than 12 month’s we have lost so many people. In the UK where I live we had one day, yesterday, where there were over 53,000 new infections and almost 73,000 people have left this earth! I didn’t know them but their souls remain on my mind and in my heart. There are countless more people all over the glob who have lost their lives due to this pandemic. Numbers so great that I cannot wrap my mind around.

    Thank you for all youp posts and sharing your thoughts and projects over this last year.

    My wish for us all is to continue to be caring towards ourselves and our neighbours and keep love and hope in our hearts!

    The best of what may well be another trying and difficult 12 months for the world. God bless!

    All the very best.

    Carol ________________________________

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  3. helensalo

    Love this so much. You are a great writer, such wonderful thoughts. (And photos) wishing you and everyone a new year of love, kindness, and survival. Be smart, hang in there, it will go away.

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  4. underatopazsky

    Thank you so much. Your words are wonderfully gentle and wise and the images simply stunning. We have the hope that is the Oxford vaccine approved here in the UK today and am hoping that it can travel quickly far and wide and save millions of lives.

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  5. Liz A

    I am always so happy to find a new post here … and as I look at today’s pictures I realize that there can never be too many moons … thank you for that

    may your 2021 be filled with quiet joys

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