Stitching stars

I rewarded myself for getting my taxes 90% complete today by stitching stars into the indigo universe.

I just wanted to mention a couple of things about this wonderful silk floss I’m using. It’s about 100 years old and just divine!

Richardson’s silk floss has some interesting history and I came across this print ad.

The silkworms are cocooning quietly in the background and I’m thinking about indigo dyeing their silk as an embroidery floss of some type. It’s a big dream.

But hey, a girl can dream.

3 thoughts on “Stitching stars

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Janet- this thread was given to me from a friend who came to have a stash previously owned by a silk embroiderer who passed away. she wanted to send it out to people who could use it and I took a bunch and passed on a lot of it to people I knew who would use it. I never sold this as it was gifted. what you bought from me was some silk thread that i bought from a producer in India which for the most part I indigo dyed. It was also lovely stuff. I don’t have any more of that. One day i hope to be able to figure out how to reel and ply some of my own just for the sake of having done it!
      btw- this grecian floss is a little heavier than i like for the stars. i did end up testing splitting the two twisted threads but the individual threads are themselves not twisted enough… gonna have to look through what i have and see if i have anything that could be a better fit. Richardson’s made so many different types of silk floss-all for apparently different uses in embroidery. so far, i prefer the sicilian -split…at least for this.
      by actually using these different flosses, it gives me a better understanding of how i might want to make my own if i ever get to that point!



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