and so it goes…

Online sales have been extremely slow. Workshops and events I planned on participating in have been cancelled through the fall.
No magic money has arrived from the government here. The California EDD which had the self-employed wait until today to file for help is a dumpster fire of website crashes and unanswered phone lines. No end in sight for that.

I have never in my life applied for any type of assistance , having been self employed my entire life. I have no idea what others are doing but here’s what I am doing today…

I’m going through my inventory of work and will be listing it here on a first come first served basis. No reason to save it in order to sell later at a show. Honestly I don’t even want to take the time to list it in my shop but will have to just to keep it organized in some form. Please excuse the less than usual detail I take to photograph and list things. This first batch will be done as one listing by number using the drop-down menu. These scarves normally go in the shop for $185 plus shipping. Today, they are all $50 including shipping. Anything left at the end of tomorrow I will cut up and put into scrap bags for sale at a later date. You too, may just want one to cut up and use-who knows? The pleated silk is great fun to work with in all kinds of stitching projects.

Have fun!

10 thoughts on “and so it goes…

  1. lisamoonself

    I was going to purchase but they seem to be sold out online. That is a good thing for you I hope. You do beautiful work. I wish the best for you. Lisa Self

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