a placeholder of sorts while I decide what to make from it
a pause, to breath, to notice the ebb and flow of the tides
to hear my own heartbeat.
there is some indigo dyeing in the studio this week
and of course some moons.

a few of my favorite scraps

and here is a little something to wonder about-

“You’re only given a little spark of madness.  You mustn’t lose it.”
~Robin Williams


2 thoughts on “intermission

  1. grace Maestas

    that spark…..
    this world is so fickle, so fast. it is their loss and they don’t even know. it will come around but will you be Willing by then? Maybe not.
    i am sad for the missing of your friend….a lot of thoughts about that….maybe to “call on him” as you think this through….his spark…can you carry it? on his behalf?
    this year here north of you in the Great State of California i will plant Indigo with the first time real hope that it will grow. If a plant DOES thrive, we’ll call her Glennis.

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      It’s hard to know what will transpire between now and then.
      Funny you would mention calling on Ume san. Earlier today I got out one of his bags to look at the construction in contemplation of making one with the piece in the photo. It’s a good year for indigo in CA this year. Lots of water! I wonder if goats like indigo?



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