more mottainai …

A recent interaction on a FB post comment thread led me to thinking about sewing boxes.  It was a very funny meme shared in a closed group and went like this (some sewers will also think this is funny):
In any case, it was about preferring cookies over sewing supplies (when you presumably had no use for sewing supplies and loved cookies). We got into a conversation about remembering how personal sewing baskets can be and I said I preferred a tin of sewing supplies over a tin of cookies (especially since I could bake cookies any day of the week but to be the recipient of someone’s sewing basket…well…it was like being the keeper of their stories).

Over the years I have become the receiver of several such boxes, baskets or tins acquired by gift, trade, or purchase at a yard sale. Each sewing collection is very personal and tells a story. It’s so much fun to sort  through each collection.

I’m sure many of you know what I mean. You could also tell sewing box stories.

I even mention this since we are talking about mottainai again which is really what this meme is about!
Why throw away a perfectly good storage box?  Save and re-use! This was a Japanese American based group so it was fun to see all the comical comments about expecting something delicious only to find out that there were sewing and mending supplies inside.

I started this post a day ago and even today the thread still grows.  It really struck a vein of memories for many and I thought you would enjoy the story.

I sadly report that tonight my old man kitty, Toby, has been having some seizures for the past several hours. He’s not really mine, but I’m his.  He used to live a few doors down but decided to relocate here a couple of years ago and goes home to visit on occasion.  We’ve been attending to his needs and declining health these past couple of years but sadly I think this is the end.

He’s sitting at my feet as I write this…

I’ll sit with him tonight and if need be, take him for a last call at the vet tomorrow.  He’s been my constant companion for the past year and a half…

I know my heart will need a little mending when he’s gone.

20 thoughts on “more mottainai …

  1. Joan Ashworth

    You are in my thoughts. It is very sad to lose our fur babies. But he has been given kindness and gentleness and love by you, his very special human. Keep him in your heart always.

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  2. vdbolyard

    I, too, have had several sewing boxes come my way. Here, in this very impoverished county, I have been astonished by the frugality of the saved notions. But once, once I found a tiny white cloth bundling something, sewn shut. I left it that way for a long time, but eventually opened it, and inside was a steel penny. I love thinking that a young girl did this with intention for me, the discoverer, and put it in her mom’s sewing box.

    Hugs to you as you transition your kitty.

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      sewing boxes are so very special. i love your steel penny story. i can just picture it from your description. kitty made it through the night with so many seizures and we visited the vet as soon as it opened this morning. a very sad solstice day here. thanks Velma…


  3. suzanneginnc

    I have my Grandmama’s Sewing Basket which includes handcovered, tiny satin buttons & lace from my Mama’s wedding gown which Grandmama made. She made our Easter dresses, prom dresses and Sunday dresses. She saved scraps, buttons and lace from every one.
    I also have Mama’s Sewing Basket which is full of rick rack, pom pom trim and “hippie” braid from our costumes and blue jeans. Both are precious to me for the memories they hold.

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      a bit of sadness is a small price to pay for all the love our pets bestow upon us. he made it through the night next to me but with many seizures and we ended his suffering at the break of day at the vet.


  4. Peggy Truett

    Oh, Glennis, I am so sorry. To share a space with a cat is an honor. To love and be loved by a cat is to be enveloped by the sublime. May your heart heal quickly.

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  5. Kitty Ann

    Catching up on unread posts. Very sorry to read of Toby’s passing. I almost lost one of my young ones in Nov, thanks to emergency surgery she is still with me. I’ve had many kitties *find* me throughout the last 60 years, each one a treasure and joy. May Toby’s memory sustain his presence in your heart. Hugs, KittyAnn in NC

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