Solstice Silkworms

On this solstice, I think of Nature and the natural world. I think of the passing of time, our place on this planet and the global environment. The sun is not standing still, nor is time.  Recent days have seemed very, very long and dark- even at a time when light lingers. I let the change flow over me knowing it WILL change. All things change.

I am watching the silkworms change every day. They are my daily reminder.

I am sorry to report that this weekend’s workshop titled Moth to Cloth at the JANM has been cancelled due to low enrollment.  I’m a bit sad about this as I was really looking forward to it.  I guess the topic was a little esoteric for the venue. I feel like I’m taking it a little personally though.  Everyone wants indigo and shibori workshops.  The August offering there is already sold out with a waiting list now.  So for now, my 500 silkworms and I will just carry on…marking time.

4 thoughts on “Solstice Silkworms

  1. Linnaea

    My intern signed up for this and was disappointed it was cancelled. I would like to take this workshop, but was not able to do so this weekend. I encourage you to offer it again!

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      I’m sorry. We did our best to publicize it. Several others wanted to take it but were already booked. Maybe too busy this time of year with end of school, vacations, graduations etc. Not sure! The museum wants to try again too so we will try. I picked this time from the dates the museum gave me to choose from as I could raise the silkworms now. (as opposed to AUG-APRIL). I really felt that adding the live silkworms was important after having taught this at the JANM once before. Thanks for your encouragement!



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