14 thoughts on “wordlessly wondering

  1. Caryl Hancock

    Thank you for the wonderful riot of color – I get literally jazzed by posts on color such as this, and I will flag this for those gloomy Midwestern winter days which are just across the horizon.

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  2. Bonnie Williams

    Your ability to create magic with color is magnificent! I incorporate your shibori in all my pieces. They are usually the inspiration focus. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!

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  3. Cathey Byrd

    I hate to write chliched words to you to express what your work feels like to me. Beautiful, colorful, lovely, etc., just don’t seem to be enough. If I believed in heaven, it would look like these images. There.

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  4. maclives

    hi Glennis – gorgeous ribbons, as all ways, your dye work is superb – now a critical question – when are you going to have some ribbons in either of your shops for sale – I desperately need to replenish my stash – have visited your shop sites repeatedly, but it seems you are out of stock – I need to buy…
    anna [ ant – i.e. anna in tampa]



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