rain memory

feel smell remember

silently falling earthbound

we rejoice again

I was struck by a nostalgic feeling this morning as I went out to retrieve the paper. I love that. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the place or time but it was a good sense-one of those ones that can transport you places. I tried to hold on but it was fleeting. It rained in the early hours before I awoke and left silently.

I have been working hard getting out ribbon orders ahead of the trip to Japan. No recent indigo to report but all the rain has me wishing a bit that I had planted some.  I make do with the edible greens in all practicality. They are delicious! We eat them every way imaginable and more.

Hirata san sent me a map of our upcoming adventure. We always stray a bit as occasions arise but maybe you would like to see it? This does not include the the trip to Yokohama and Kamakura.

we will see so much!

I am still stitching on the traveling moon piece. The little indigo I have been dyeing has centered around overdyeing vintage indigo scraps.  Really enjoying the serendipity of that. I just bought a vintage cotton yukata bolt from Richard’s etsy shop that had some interesting patterns I might do some overdyeing with.  Additionally interesting to me was part of his description:

This is a vintage bolt of yukata cotton, a printed indigo. It is unused and still bound up. There is a rather cute vintage tag on the front, an image of a young lady wearing the yukata that this fabric is dyed to become, basically, modeling it. On the tag, the name of the fabric pattern, shio matsuri, or tidal festival. The pattern seems to be a bit of a play on Hokusai’s waves, which are ubiquitous throughout japanese aesthetic.

This is enough fabric to become a yukata, which means it is at least 11 meters of fabric. As is sometimes the case, this fabric has markings and lines to cut along marked on it. It is printed so each piece is obvious and separate, there is not much guesswork involved. The way to make a yukata is pretty standard, so it makes sense, to print it like that , make it easy. Each section has the name of the piece it will become along the very edge. See the fifth photo above.

In any case- I look forward to examining it.

And before I end this, we went to see the poppies…it was glorious! Even inspired a new base dye session…


day trippin’ in the poppies CA style

the rain will surely extend the poppy season…weekdays are the best as big crowds on the weekends.

10 thoughts on “rain memory

  1. vivian helena

    love your poppy color.. Our poppies in the over flow from the river were washed away this year, and I don’t see any new starts.. They were about 3ft. tall last year.. I hear the view on the Grape vine is wonderful also.. love your photos! hugs ,v

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      in the back yard they are 1.5-2 feet tall self seeded from last year. in Lancaster they were very short. the wind I was thinking. shorter and very close to the ground on the slopes and maybe 8″ if that in the valley where it might be a little more protected from the wind and where more water sat for longer. sorry you lost the poppies but what a gift of water…finally.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Welcome Anita! I replied to your email. For others wondering…you can sign up to receive info on the 2019 Silk Study Tour to Japan in the sidebar under newsletters- make sure you check the tour box. Not sure what you mean by guests but everyone had the advantage of the shared itinerary.


  2. Claire Nardone

    Wonderful post! Thank you and please have a safe journey! I look forward to your return and stories.

    Claire in Florida




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