a little colorlove

(now added to the ribbon section of my bigcartel shop– make sure you click through the three pages of colors for access to them all). You can purchase them by the full, half, or quarter yard. 

Color has a way of lifting up and inspiring me.  This week the show boxes arrive and they will be unpacked and put away. I will add to my online shop as I sort through and put away.  I started with the ribbon, since I brought that back with me in my suitcase.  And because I promised folks at the show I would restock right away. I have not had much in my online shop for some time- focusing on orders for others and stockpiling for the show.

Going through the ribbon, sorting , measuring, photographing, I was remembering the many who stopped in to the show to purchase some.
Beaders, quilters, doll & jewelry makers, and more. Even one young gal who wants to work it into her kumihimo. Another gal brought me a small mermaid doll she was making with the ribbon-precious! All sorts of you wore beaded pieces and flowers you made to show me. I loved that too.  Others brought me photos of their quilted, embroidered, and felted pieces with the ribbon.  As the silky pleated colors flowed through my hands I felt a renewed passion to continue.

Because I can see it makes people happy. And I do love that!

And- I’ve added the instruction handout from my Beaded Shibori Brooch to the Feeling Free(r) page. You can find it in the sidebar.

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