Old cloth, old books (and a piano)

I never should have borrowed this book from my friend Donna:


It is very interesting and hysterical even, at times.  Especially the chapter titled “Cats and Dogs”. You might wonder why (especially now!) that I would choose NOT to entertain myself with such mirth given the dearth of nonsense going on about us.

The reason being that yesterday a piano fell on my face.


yes, this piano…

And it hurts to smile or laugh.  And it is just in time for my weekend workshop at the museum (sorry- but all filled up). It’s not as bad as it sounds but it does hurt a bit and as long as I keep a straight face it doesn’t bother much.  Admittedly, I probably should have gone for a stitch or maybe two but being a bit cheap these days I lay around with a bit of ice and some pressure on it to make it behave (took a while). That being said, I was trying to come up with a funny way to describe to my workshop attendees what the heck happened.  The simple “a piano fell on my face” seemed appropriate (considering I can deliver the line with a straight face).

In actuality, I was cleaning behind the old upright piano and moving it back into position when the front board fell forward onto me and caught me in the face and arm(nice hurty bruise there too-but not too noticeable). By the end of the evening I had the room there all cleaned up and Phil got some new space to store and organize all his accumulating music. Yay! Plus I cleaned up some of my fabric stuff I needed to get to for the weekend of indigo dyeing.

Speaking of fabric, the end of the day resulted in about 50 meters of old silk kimono linings all washed up, most threads removed, ironed and folded.  These will be used this weekend and also at the upcoming Yosemite workshop. Cloth with a memory. Imperfectly perfect.

Back to the book- apparently you can get a reprint of it and also it is available on the Gutenburg Project- Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

“Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, published in 1886, is a collection of humorous essays by Jerome K. Jerome. It was the author’s second published book and it helped establish him as a leading English humorist.” Wikipedia
 Originally published: 1886
Author: Jerome K. Jerome

Donna was also clearing out some space and found it lurking there in some dark corner. It is much more satisfying to hold this old original copy in my hand than read it off a screen though I may have to save it for next week’s readings when I can laugh out loud as I do.
Even the preface was humorous-


wouldn’t elevate a cow… 

And really, isn’t change what we are looking for?

Old books, old cloth…got me to wondering.  What is the oldest book and the oldest cloth I have here? I wonder…

(And by the way, if you see me around town- don’t tell me a joke for at least a week!)


12 thoughts on “Old cloth, old books (and a piano)

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Thanks Michelle- will check it out. (took a minute to post as the link had to be approved due to ugly past spam comments) Remember when spam only came in a tin with a key opener?


  1. vdbolyard

    jerome sure has a lively wit! and a beautifully book design. but more to the point, your poor face. of course it only hurts when you laugh (probably your family’s saying that one). anyway, i hope it feels better soon, ice and arnica are good healers.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i’m lucky i didn’t knock out a tooth-thank goodness. btw- the milkweed is 8-9 feet high right now with tons of big seed pods. will get a photo to show you.


  2. Susan Kennedy

    Sorry to hear about your injury– I hope it’s healing well. I do believe I will look for the book, as we can all use some humor these days.


  3. Bonnie

    Speaking of old books, when clearing out for a massive kitchen remodel, we found some old books dating back to the mid 1600’s. What with all this cleaning I’m feeling about that old too!

    Take care, Bonnie Williams

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. kelly1949

    I’ll be thinking of you straight faced this weekend wallowing in indigo and old silk. “Elevating a cow made me jump to levitating a cow and that is as humorous(depending on your point of view) as, “……a piano fell on my face……” Heal well and have a great class this weekend.


  5. Iridacea

    Ow! Speedy healing!
    Poor cows, they could use some humor. Ironically I spent yesterday watching dairy cows being shown at the county fair… And Thought of you when I saw a tourist walking by with a indigo dyed shirt with a moon like resist on the back.



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