16 thoughts on “current mood

  1. Bonnie Williams

    So striking! Received your package and the first shibori butterfly just took flight! She will be on the front of an iPad cover. Thanks for your marvelous skill and talent which gives such joy to so many!
    Bonnie williams


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      I see you are repeatedly trying to access the online indigo workshop and forum. These are private blogs for the online indigo class. I don’t see that you have purchased the class. You can purchase it in my bigcartel shop. If you think you have purchased it please send me your email address and I can search my records or you can email me a copy of your paypal receipt. Thanks-


      1. asiadyer

        Reading the fabric is so fun and challenging!! Like a puzzle, something to ponder and work thru….the same satisfaction of accomplishment cannot be had by just being ‘told’ how something is done,as opposed to figuring it out yourself.

        But one suggestion might be to go take a workshop with Glennis!!! Her knowledge is expansive and will CERTAINLY get you stimulated to start learning yourself. : ) Everybody’s paths end up being different, although the destination may be similar.

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        1. shiborigirl Post author

          reading the fabric- yes. the challenge of it. the wondering part. as you know- I enjoy creating things that make people wonder. we need more wonder in the world.


  2. asiadyer

    so many paths, winding around, intersecting, diverging, the possibilities are endless!!! Just don’t get stuck in there for too long….

    Hope you are as good as you can be. : )



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