I get letters…

It was a great weekend at the Japanese American National Museum.  There were several returning students but the majority were new to both dyeing and to shibori in general. It is always a pleasure to introduce people to both.  Most indicated they will sign up again for one of the upcoming shibori workshops featuring indigo in June  and August (contact museum for reservations).  The force is strong in shibori…

Participants were fortunate to be able to see the last day of the exhibit “Two Views” featuring photographs by renowned 20th-century photographers Ansel Adams and Leonard Frank who each captured distinctive views of the Japanese American and Japanese Canadian incarcerations. I had seen it previously and encouraged everyone to take a break and go through the exhibit.

Early on Sunday I had the opportunity to view the other exhibit “Making Waves” before the museum opened to the public. It was really too much to take in in the amount of time I had- I spent a scant 30 minutes and knew I couldn’t do it justice so will go back before it closes the end of June.

In other news, I am feeling much better! The garden is blooming, vegetables growing. I also had a chance to see the current exhibit at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego recently.  (Thanks to Nadja for the hospitality!) One thing I was curious about was the attribution of this piece on display.

shibori yukata IMG_1862 IMG_1863
Obviously shibori dyed but yet annotated as printed.  Unless I am missing something…  I could see the needle marks. Anyway…there were some fabulous pieces there, like this detail from a fisherman’s raincoat woven with reed and seaweed.
woven reed and seaweed

I came home from the weekend to find a lovely letter from a customer. Honestly, I have to say this sort of thing keeps me going at times. I know that making things by hand is an incredibly personal and worthwhile endeavor. Sometimes a journey of the soul. Please teach any children in your realm this valuable gift.
i get lettersnow I’m crying…xo

9 thoughts on “I get letters…

  1. suellap

    What a very special letter. We never know who we touch with our lives and ourselves. We need to make sure we share our thanks to all who touch us, however briefly. As with this letter is can be extremely motivational.


  2. Yvonne Renfree

    What an inspiring letter for you to have received, and to know how much your beautiful work is helping others.

    Best wishes



    Liked by 1 person

  3. greybirdstudio

    What a lovely letter. I think so many of us are truly inspired by your Shibori and don’t know how to express it. I feel so tranquil and at peace when I am working with Shibori ribbon. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Jeannie Krackenbergrr

    I am interested in taking the class on dying with indigo, does it also teach how to dye shobora ? I have purchased many ribbons and love them… Will be signing up for your class soon. Thank you, Jeannie



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