on a friday night…

time has seemed irrelevant lately. things just happen as they will.


take this sunflower for instance. during the summer i had these growing outside the kitchen sink window where i could admire their happy faces smiling at me while i washed the dishes.  when they went to seed and needed removal, i cut the flower heads and dropped them in the driveway for the squirrels and the birds to enjoy (where i could watch them from where i work).  now, months later in December, a volunteer from that act is blooming in the middle of the driveway with the ginko tree shedding its golden leaves behind-definitely fall.
all it takes is a seed to be dropped, or an idea to be planted on fertile soil to generate something beautiful.

i received two intriguing books on kanoko shibori yesterday from Japan.


some new seeds were definitely planted.

plus, he sent me an old apron from the Kyoto temple sale. we will visit there in 2017 on the silk study tour to Japan.


and no matter what time of year, squirrelly boy hears me at work and lets me know he is hungry and needs fresh water! i’m so lucky to have such in interesting studio friend.


ribbon orders are in full swing- thank you for being patient! there have been a few disruptions lately…
and thanks to those who have been emailing me and enjoying the Daily Dyer reruns. glad you find something useful there.


12 thoughts on “on a friday night…

  1. califqwltr

    This is so true, one never knows when a seed is dropped, when and where it will grow! I appreciate the seeds you sow!

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  2. Susan Hill

    Which section of your teaching posts can I learn how to make perfect circles. Ever since I saw Jude Hills, I have been trying to figure it out. I think I am pretty close. Vat of dye, circles ( like quarters,) clamps and fabric.


  3. Victoria

    Hello Shibori Girl,
    I just “found” your blog yesterday. Wow! It’s all so wonderful!
    What prompts me to write is your new “old apron”. I bought a very similar one from a street sale vendor a couple of months ago for only 75 cents! I knew nothing about it other than it wanted to come home with me. The kanji reads something about a rice company. Is this the Japanese equivalent to grain sacks? I guess I shouldn’t cut it up, huh?
    Happy New Year!



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