Naturally, Shibori Girl

I’ve been working at this for some time now.

The collecting of the cloth, the growing of the dye stuffs, the wondering about it all. Going at it a little bit at a time as I can, seasonally and intentionally.

Finally, I have enough to make a small offering.

These four collections of color herein contain a certain sense of place. This place is here in my yard. The pomegranate, the persimmon (kakishibu), and the madder (a new and exciting venture). The added indigo is from my nearly 5 year old natural fermentation vat. (I did not grow indigo this year due to drought conditions but look forward to once again if we get some decent rain.)

Each packet contains fabrics (mostly silks) collected in Japan. Even the cottons are mostly from kimono linings. All are perfectly imperfect and have their own sense of time and place about them. Each packet contains a moon- a reminder that we are united and some silk thread with which to stitch these thoughts together.

I instruct you to look, really look at these fabrics as you open the packet. The hand of the weaver is visible in many. The needle marks from unstitching and the loose threads tell tales. I tore many of the lengths selvedge to selvedge- in an effort to get you to notice the edges.

Only 4 each of the 4 collections. For now, in the shop.


14 thoughts on “Naturally, Shibori Girl

  1. Lisa Hoesing

    Magnificent!Yes, I ordered one before I replied and before I sent the info on to Bonnie and Dorothy.  Love your deep explorations into these traditional Japanese arts.  We all benefit.Thanks!Lisa

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  2. Judy

    Your hand dyed pieces are “All” beautiful. .. May I ask a question about Pomegranate dye pot. Do you cut up the “Whole Pomegranate” and add water and let it boil??? Is there anything else you do to it.. I would love to try and get a pale pink on silk. Do you think that is possible?? Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Judy.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      pale pink seems to come from avocado pits as far as i know. (new avocado tree in the ground here this summer but it will be years before i have my own pits here). i only use the peels of the poms as i remove all the arils and press for juice. the fruit does not work as a dye and is far too delicious and healthy to waste in the dyepot! one thing though- i understand there are wild poms in TX and some of the dyers there just chuck in the whole fruit. i guess the fruit on the wild ones is not so robust. it takes time to remove all the arils and separate from the skins. ahh…time. oh- and boiled then strained before dyeing. alum mordant.


  3. joyous50

    your work is exquisite..and people must swoop in to buy your work (which is a wonderful tribute to your work), faster than I get your email..


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      sorry you missed the call this time. thank you for the sweet comment. oddly, bigcartel somehow allowed people to purchase beyond what was in inventory for a bit. not sure how that happened except that maybe folks had things in their carts and hadn’t completed their purchase but the system allowed them to check out anyway. oh well. nothing is perfect. it all happened so fast!



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