But is it Art?

Today, I made Art. A real rarity for me. Usually, I just make stuff people like.

Usually I say I am Art’s Apprentice and Color’s Mistress.  But today I feel like I am Art’s Accomplice and Color’s Whore.
I call my piece :
“Pandora’s Box”  (in a Wide Mouth Jar)
silk, glass, metal

"Pandora's Box"  (in a Wide Mouth Jar)

“Pandora’s Box” (in a Wide Mouth Jar)

My piece has all the ambiguity necessary for Art. All the social and political interpretive meaning Art has come to be known for these days.
*Added bonus*- it’s pretty and colorful. Yay!

9 thoughts on “But is it Art?

  1. Heather Grover

    My definition of “what is art?”…It’s what the artist(person) INTENDS it to be whether or not it has a social statement is secondary. Everything I have seen of your blog screams ART. I guess it really is a personal choice.

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  2. asiadyer

    it seems that the second the creator has any inkling to make something and label it art, that’s the second the validity starts to wane……..i like to create beautiful things when i can, and for me, utility mixed with beauty is wonderful, the highest i can attain to. : )

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      of course. this was my way of “processing” (note canning jar) the idiocy i witnessed at the city council meeting the previous night. Jet Blue wants the city to put in a federal customs inspection facility at our local muni airport and start bringing in international flights. there have been decades of work surrounding neighborhoods have done to keep a noise ordinance in place and the neighborhoods live-able . You were here- you heard the planes. All is at risk now since the city is opening pandora’s box by initiating this new study. There was already an internal one done 2 years ago that indicated it was not a good risk for the city. But of course that’s not what JB and $$ want to hear. Residents filled the chambers with NO signs and Jet Blue shuttled in their employees to speak to YES. (Then publicly stated that they had nothing to do with their employees showing up even though someone snapped a photo of them getting into a shuttle!!) Then the council voted and approved it!! Every time the noise ordinance has been challenged it has lost ground. Once Pandora’s box is open….just try getting that ribbon back in the jar.
      Not to mention the expense! You saw LB- we have quite a few issues to deal with here that could use some of that money. Our money.
      To top it off, one Wide Mouth councilperson had the audacity to say that if residents moved out as a result of this issue the city would benefit by collecting higher property taxes on the sale of their homes! She was booed and booed again later by making false comments about those that booed her. People now are wanting her recalled. And several council people just sat there wordless, thoughtless, as if they could care less.
      You know the dye process- sometimes all I have is thinking time while I am working. So you know….Art happens!
      It’s all history now, as is the ribbon. It’s on its way to Milan. Sold. So you see, it’s not really Art after all. Just a commodity… (wink wink)

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  3. maclives

    Hi Glennis – long time, no talk from me – sigh. I love this piece and your thoughts – Art is art deemed by the viewer. I make art, but it does take the viewer to endorse my creation as art…but basically, I don’t care, but do appreciate positive feedback and also bad feedback which I take after considering the source…there are some people I feel should not be out on their own…much less in a gallery or wherever art is being displayed…just my humble opin of late. Nice to see something to buy in your shop – been needing ribbon for quite a while now and too lazy to dye some of my own…
    ant[anna in tampa]

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Anna!! SO good to hear from you. your order is on the way with a little something for you from Kamakura.
      yes, declaring something as something doesn’t necessarily make it so.


  4. stacystudios

    The highest form of art indeed. A statement to stir the mind, senses and gut. A juxtaposition of textures, flirting under the guise of commodity, yet wandering the realm of ambiguity and enlightenment. Congratulations!

    Sometimes politics can be so inspirational!



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