Long Beach Museum of Art

Today I gave as special workshop for the docents at the Long Beach Museum of Art.
30 people in a small basement room for 75 minutes.
Slideshow and videos then on to the Shibori.

A simple project but enough to give them a sense of Shibori.






These are the volunteers who take the children on tours through the museum when they come here on field trips.
Thank you Long Beach Museum of Art docents!! It was a pleasure.

14 thoughts on “Long Beach Museum of Art

  1. melanie

    I was one of the docents in attendance. Thank you for a wonderful experience. You are an excellent teacher and a fine fine artist!


    1. pat mills

      As someone who participated in your workshop today, I can tell you that everyone had a great experience and walked out of that room with a beautiful, hand-dyed silk scarf. Thank you, Glennis. You brought smiles to our faces and moments of pride when we ran home to show of our treasures. And lots of compliments for our accomplishments.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      funny, but I rarely do anything here Long Beach. i’m an outsider in the city I have lived and worked in for over 35 years! art is too political for my taste here. but this was a great little event for the right folks. anything connected with kids and art gets my vote.


  2. Sandy Winkler

    The workshop was fun, and your presentation was very interesting and informative. My scarf turned out great and I got many compliments on it when I wore it on my tour yesterday. Thanks!



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