seasonal silk shibori ribbon colorways


everything has a season, and right now it is the season of the ginkgo here in my yard. many moons ago we planted three small 5 gallon ginkgo trees in a line out front. it must have been about 33 years ago. the center tree outpaced and eventually overshadowed it’s siblings although seemingly healthy. the main difference in the three trees being that the center tree grew wide and strong-it’s trunk parting low as if to say “climb me, climb me-do it!”. over the years cats , kids, squirrels and raccoons all obliged.
one day in a “rearranging” I decided to remove the two end trees to make more room for the center tree.
halfway through removing the second tree i wondered- what if I just moved it?
so thinking this I dug it out and planted it in the far back corner of the yard
where it has remained for over 20 years and now is twice the height of its brother tree out front. yes, it is a female and the front tree a male. each fall they both put on a spectacular show and mark time and memories for us all.
in the end they drop their bounty of gold upon the garden mulching spring bulbs and winter crops.
life is golden that way with the gingko and we.
br />
about 20 years younger…

and last Friday…same tree, same boys, different grandma.(plus Meagan)

and the back tree?

and did you know that the gingko tree is the official tree of Tokyo and it’s leaf Tokyo’s symbol? each fall in Tokyo there is a spectacular fall viewing and festival surrounding this stately tree.

so, introducing the colorway “ginko” and my small tribute to it’s changing leaves-a rearranging of sorts from fall to winter here.

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