once again…

earlier this year i posted about “living in the shadow of the wind” where

the time after a show is my favorite time.  the busy preparation time is over, the workshops given, information imparted, items sold, people met, much talking, boxes returned, unpacked, put away.  and best of all,  bills paid for the coming month from proceeds of the show.

this is the time when i can “live in the shadow of the wind”. a small space in time of seeming protection from outside forces.

this time it seems though, that the shadow has grown shorter. maybe it is the shorter winter days among other things but even though the above remains true, the time i have to spend on lingering and seed planting has diminished for now.

there are many orders to create and dye for, proposals to submit, emails to return and more- but yet it was important yesterday to just take a day off and go for a bike ride, see the ocean, and have a little dinner out with phil.  he is busy too, music directing a theater production for a local HS in between gigging and private students so both our schedules are limited.

a little about the show- it was good to see so many folks excited about the silk shibori ribbon. after a long road paved with endurance it is finding a home with creative types of many colors. it really is fun to watch people approach it at the show with wonder and say “what is it?”. “i want some”, they say.  “it is beautiful-i will figure out something to do with it”.  i love when it sparks their imagination.  when it causes pause and wonder.  i love it when women bring their kids along because children simply CANNOT resist it.  they want to touch it immediately.  my favorite thing to do with kids at the show is to ask them how old they are.  it goes something like this:

me-how old are you?

them- 8 (6,10,12, etc)

me- Really!?

them- yes…

me- well it just so happens that just for today all 8 year olds get to pick out a color and get a cut of this ribbon to wonder about!

them-(eyes wide and not sure… looking at their moms or grandmothers…)Really??

me- yes! pick a color-any color….

and then of course we go on from there and they wander off stroking a length of ribbon..

and wondering.

ribbon disarray at end of day

ribbon disarray at end of day

8 thoughts on “once again…

  1. Elaine Ambler

    Oh that lovely temptation where children fall under the spell of textile colour and feel! Pure magic, and you are a spreader of magic!


  2. Kim Allen

    I work in an art gallery on the Oregon Coast and I love the wonder people have about art work, they ask what is it?, then say, “I have absolutely no artistic ability.” And then I say, “You just haven’t ever tapped into it”. Just do it. Thanks for your continuing inspiritation.


  3. carolscreativeworkshops.net

    I so enjoyed reading back over your original post about ‘the shadow of the wind’. I’m about to embark on a show with my little textile group Women of the Cloth here in London and find myself looking forward to that little period afterwards when the dust has settled and I can feel the satisfaction of a job well done, and enjoy ‘the shadow of the wind’ as I’ll now think of it. Another pearl of wisdom I took from the post was that too many things going on in one small workspace can lead to confusion and mediocrity. Spot on. Thank you for the clarity



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