Monday, November 4, 2013

i don’t think i have ever reblogged someone’s post before but it just doesn’t seem right to not share this one. a really, really wonderful piece of amazing indigo shibori.
(yes, i’m back and sorting through that which must be sorted through…)

Daily Japanese Textile


Shibori, stenciling

This is a woman’s cotton kimono, not an informal yukata. The huge ship, with sails billowing in the wind, is entirely rendered in several types of shibori. A great deal of planning went into the execution of this piece, which has very little in the way of repeat designs. The designer has done a masterful job of using positive and negative space.

The different positions of the three sails keep the viewer’s eye moving from place to place. Varying shades of blue show that the design underwent multiple dippings, increasing the amount of labor involved, and raising its cost.

shibori ship - sail detail Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1041

The ship itself, and the waves, are suggested with a bare minimum of lines, while the background is covered with miura shibori.

shibori ship - prow detail Daily Japanese Textile IMG_1042

Only the so-called Genji wheels at the shoulders and the jagged pine bark lozenge are repeated. The pine bark lozenge motif (matsukawabishi) frames the…

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8 thoughts on “Monday, November 4, 2013

    1. glennis

      thanks velma. and guess what? a box of acorns arrived in todays mail. now to make time in between all the other things on the to do list. but they are there. and waiting.



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