while i was away…

i got back to beauty.

ladybugs danced on a log in the woods near the creek

ladybug log home

in fact, they had made a nest in an old rotting log about 20 feet long. millions of them i imagine.  what a sight!

more ladybugs

i ate wild blackberries from the canoe as i floated and read my book…

ate berries from the canoe

traveling, the mind wanders


i hiked with trevor in woods, meadows, and along creeks in the wilds of the sierra national forest.


i explored some history of the local area. this word, painted on an old patch of asphalt and buried under inches of pine needles and oak leaves, long abandoned deep in the woods was from a girl scout camp in the 40’s and 50’s. it was funny to see it like this. perhaps it was reserved for me that day.


i gathered cattails from the ponds edge…


and made some dinner!

cattails for dinner

patched fisherman jeanshere, fishermen need jeans, not coats. so i did a little patchwork.

handsome fisherman

my, the fishermen here are handsome!!

fisherman talk

i made a windchime with some rusty bits found on a hike. it takes a stiff breeze but sounds wonderful if hung on a thin weak limb.

rusty bits windchime

the view from up high- Vernal Falls, Yosemite.  crashing water rainbows and emerald pools

from high places

and higher still! view from the top

and higher still-from the top

we found out we have friends in high places too

friends in high places

on the eve of darkness-we start to settle in to watch the sky and the Perseid Meteor Shower

meteor shower eve

a small impression of the wonder seen

impressions of a meteor shower

practical too, for patching where the mice had chewed the outdoor cushions. made of memories


time to stitch and think too

stitching and thinking

a feather found, an old indigo cloth -which path to take?

thinking of jude's cloth

14 thoughts on “while i was away…

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      great! wanted to call you but each time we came into town it was for a quick trip and no idea when we’d we back…how are the nigella coming there? mine reseeded themselves here at home and are into round two! didn’t see any farewell to spring there while hiking…the season must have been early and water lacking this year.


  1. Ginny French

    I do love Yosemite- wonderful images! Yes you do have handsome men to fish with and you had a wonderful vacation!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Mo Crow

    thank you Gennis one of the most magic mornings I have ever had in my life was 41 years ago walking away from the campsite in Yosemite with a sleeping bag and sleeping under the stars waking up to a deer and her fawn eating in the glade right next to me & watching them through my eyelashes so as not to frighten them…


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      great memory! triggered one for me as well. camping with employees at two harbors on Catalina Island some 25 years ago…sleeping out in the open in sleeping bags. in the early morning the buffalo come down through the camp to water. waking up to have giant beasts passing through our camp as we lay stone-still, hardly breathing. they knew better than us. (they were brought to the island in the 20’s i think for movie production and were left there) for a number of years we took any employees on this camping adventure as a thank you. yes, we were an odd company…



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