ha! the “new” boro

Speaking of trends…without any real understanding of the thought behind it.  But let’s be cool, let’s be hip. Let’s make believe boro!

made in China, Indonesia, or Vietnam apparently.  Remember when these were made in the US and didn’t cost $100+?

Japanese vintage boro huh?

After having been to the Amuse Boro Museum last month this sort of thing really leaves me cold. If you go there and feel the energy of those pieces, of the passage of time, the hardships, the heart and everything else they engender, I doubt you would be making a joke of it all by making faux shoes like these.  These shoes seem to be the anti-boro.

Seems sacrilegious to me.  Boro my ass.


14 thoughts on “ha! the “new” boro

  1. maclives

    sheesh, another attempt of stupidity…let’s hope this one falls flat on its face as it should. The “inventors” of this look so obviously don’t have a clue about boro; and the merchandise managers hopefully will see the absurdity of this fashion, and the merchandise managers of whatever retailors seeing these shoes, will pass on ordering these items…boro, regardless of it interpretation will not appeal to the customer buying this kind of shoe…can we spell FAILURE to sell…
    ant[anna in tampa]


  2. Rhelda

    yet another way to pollute. another throw away item. another empty something…no wonder the earth is sick. i don’t know how to do boro,,but am watching and learning. beauty from necessity. meaning from history.


  3. nemoignorat

    If you are old enough to remember how punk began and what went on back then and how it was “embraced” by fast fashion you stop having any kind of emotional reaction to attrocities like this.
    Boro, Steampunk, these are all buzzwords in fast fashion right now. All you can do is close your eyes, breathe deep and duck under as long as it goes on. It’ll pass, like all favs. I’m still punk, I still sew my stuff myself and I still craft my own things as I need them. I’ve come to believe that people who haste after every fashion that throws itself in their way, never did make up their own mind, never made their own stuff and to be honest, they never will. Nowadays, my energy is limited and I don’t have any left for educating the unwilling. I’ll teach and help every one who wants to do things differently but I stepped off the soapbox a while ago. Let them. Let them destroy themselves, our home, our planet, their children’s future (I don’t have any). After decades of trying to change people, trying to change the world, I am left with the realization that I can change things only on a micro level. I can change myself, maybe my partner (and I was able to move some friends in a different direction) but that’s it.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yes, we can only reach out so far without depleting ourselves into oblivion. i do have kids, and lots of friends of my kids. i want them to be aware. to zoom out a bit and see a bigger picture. we have destroyed so much already. there is so much room for change.


  4. suellap

    Certainly misnamed, and maybe illegally so as described as vintage Boro fabric.. The fabric certainly doesn’t look to be vintage Boro.



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