mon 紋 もん

itajime mon indigo

mon are emblems used in Japan to identify groups or individuals.  also know as Japanese crests, Wikipedia states that mon

may have originated as fabric patterns to be used on clothes in order to distinguish individuals or signify membership in a specific clan or organization.

some indigo itajime pieces i have been working on remind me of these mon.  perhaps a shibori no ai mon 藍搾り纹 is in order. will be wondering more about this.  i think they would make nice pillows…

these pieces are an outgrowth of what i have learned from Richard, who is due to be here shortly.  we will have some more time together, standing on common ground, and under the same moon.  we have 2 spots still open if you are in the neighborhood…

meanwhile, Susan over at ito de has been incorporating thoughts of kanji into her work.  lots of good posts over there.

4 thoughts on “mon 紋 もん

  1. asiadyer

    There is another thing here, which I am intrigued by, called ‘Mon-giri asobi’ 紋切り遊び (not sure if the Jap is 100% correct…) or “crest-cutting fun”.
    Basically, fold a paper in half (or in quarters!! etc etc) and cut out a pattern. Then open it up and enjoy the symmetrical pattern. Very akin to our snowflake-making. For me, this comes into play for making paper stencil mandalas to use with my airbrush, spray work. This paper cutting fun could very well have been the path to discovering more than a few of the actual “mon”s ….symmetry….patterns……how they seem like the perfect analogy of certain thought patterns to me….patterns of action, patterns of creation….


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      …of time, of evolution, of nature. we could go on.

      i like using itajime here with the indigo since it does reflect the simple positive an negative space. as if you were cutting. was not aware of the mon-giri asobi although i’ve cut many snowflakes in my days.



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