in studio arashi shibori workshop

Lines, pleats, patterns, texture-this is arashi shibori now.

Many have been asking for this- an in studio workshop focusing on arashi shibori technique-

here it is!  (click the link to sign up and for more info…)

limited to 4 only

2 days

Nov 30 -Dec 1, 2013

arashi on silk gauze

double arashi detail

12 thoughts on “in studio arashi shibori workshop

    1. Amanda

      Oh dear, I am sorry I just clicked on the link and found the cost and where you are…long beach:(
      But I do travel down to LA from time to time, do you do studio visits with young aspiring artists? 😉


  1. joydidit

    Will this be an online class? I am in Ohio and Long Beach is a bit of a stretch for me. I am particularly interested in the double pleating as I have some arashi pleated scarves that did not turn out as I wanted and could use another layer of dye.

    BTW is it okay if I link to your blog for folks who are interested in classes?



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