making and wondering…

I had a bit of time recently to just do some wondering and dyeing-and even some stitching. I wondered about collars as opposed to necklaces.

silk shibori collar

-and I played around with some more needlefelting in combination with the ribbon and pleated silk gauze.

a glimpse of the detail-kind of otherworldly, coral-like, or like some form of underwater life

It’s been a crazy day, but it ended with a sweet email from Sofia who was thanking me for well wishes in her new endeavors when she wrote:

“I read your blog updates all the time, and sometimes i find myself spouting facts about indigo and silk cocoons to my own amazement….last time my mother gave such a strange look -where did you learn all this information? i was struck dumb for a moment and said, the shibori girl told me!”

thank you, for all the learning and the beauty”

So perfect-kind of a “back-to-school” message.  I was reminded that the best learning is sometimes the learning that takes place when you’re not even aware that it’s going on.  This is the sort of thing that I aspire to when I write on this blog.  A balance of information and beauty while at the same time entertaining, teaching and working. So thanks Sofia, for the sweet reminder!

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