wonder dyeing

these past few days i’ve been doing production dyeing-dyeing for orders. for example –

extra long for the tall girls…

tomorrow i’m doing some wonder dyeing.

yup- that’s a new category i’ll be adding to the sidebar. i do a lot of it here but never knew what to call it. it’s really my favorite thing – just going with what the cloth wants me to. letting colors wash over the silk and speak to each other.  since i have a few retail events coming up i can do a lot of this-no need to stick to “the list”.  plus, it’s a good way to come up with new colors and see what people like (and don’t like!).

also, i have been playing with the needle felting tool on the silk ribbon. it is fun to see here it leads and i like the results.  you might want to try it too… i added two pieces to the shop- i was making them (demonstrating) at the recent show and selling them as i finished each one. these two i didn’t get finished until just the other day-they’re in the shop

bodhi leaf

maple leaf

also there’s been some interesting things coming out of the indigo vat with some vintage hemp i found in japan… photos soon.

3 thoughts on “wonder dyeing

  1. vivian helena Aumond-Capone

    beautiful,, love the colors.. How do you get those wonderful pleats in the silk, what happens when you wash the scarf… Love reading about the worms and how the silk is made… it is mind boggling. looking forward to planting my seeds,, think I should wait till spring.. hugs, v



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