mending, again.

last post had me thinking about what gets lost in the rush.  the rush to move ahead.

mending has a way of slowing you down. and besides, i really like the way it ends up looking.

instead of rushing something into the rag bag or even into the charity bag (have you seen this?) you can mend it! and slow down a little bit.

so here are a few new images of recent mending i did while i was away.  seems everyone brought a few things for me to work on-

before the mend

little crosses and a star

small pockets

knee rips

holes from phones rubbing in a pocket-modern problem

pocket patches

this one said “color me!”

crotch rips-extra care and more work

by the way, I updated the workshops and events page.  there is a shibori workshop at the Japanese American National Museum on Sat. Sept. 8.







8 thoughts on “mending, again.

  1. Julie B Booth

    It’s funny how mending seems to happen at the end of the summer…just before school starts. I just mended my 21 year old son’s favorite pair of cargo shorts (and also wrote about it in my blog) are right…mending is a slow-you-down process! I so enjoy your beautiful indigo and shibori.


  2. Rhelda

    I wish i had some holey jeans 🙂 Well i could put patches over “future holes”…
    Thank you Glennis. Between you and Jude my life is returning to my passionate roots of natural dyeing and slow stitch and playing :))
    Peace, Rhelda



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