more mending…

the mending is piling up again…


soon to ready to wear-again


i had to send back one item as it didn’t work very well.  it was a pair of faux jeans out of a stretch material. that just doesn’t work well with this technique.  jeans are the ticket. and apparently very cool mended with my indigo dyed scraps-both these are referrals from people who saw others wearing theirs… locally.

i think i’ll post this in SustainAbility…



hot as heck here today- two colors off the poles this morning speak to it-

colorway- 103 degrees hot pink discharged with a red and orange overdye- almost blindingly hot!


hot lava


colorway- hot lava  an old favorite that needed restocking black discharged and overdyed with deep red

this colorway always reminds me of the hiwatari matsuri we attended as kids in Japan. kinda burned a memory in my mind…

have some special ordered items to finish that need some handwork so think i’ll cool my heels inside with the air on low and a fan until it cools a bit- lately haven’t been starting out in the studio until later in the day- just too hot!

and last night i saw the international space station fly overhead. it was visible for about 5 minutes as it rose from the southwestern horizon heading northeast and disappearing at  78 degrees at about 8:13 pm.

i wondered what they were doing…

4 thoughts on “more mending…

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i’m gonna stop in saturday afternoon on my way in. just called to get the hours and am excited to see the work of chris sorensen…preparing for heat! but up where we are we do get a little relief…



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