mending mondays


I’ve decided to group all mending and schedule it for mondays. I’ve always liked organizing my work for production and efficiency and this works for me.
interestingly the mending project has elicited work from far as opposed to near. even though this involves transportation costs I think even that is quite outweighed by the other environmental costs incurred by throwing out and buying new. so mondays it is- a time for mending-likely later in the quiet of the day under the shade of the old avocado tree out back. it’s due to be taken out in the not too distant future- it’s over 70 years old and withering away at this point.

I also like the notes I’ve received from those who were reminded that mending is possible-even preferable- and have taken up needles in hand to mend themselves.

it’s warming up here today and how quickly the wash dries on the line!


6 thoughts on “mending mondays

  1. Alice

    A blog that I read inspired me to do some creative mending on a couple of things!! I had some black sparkly fabric and made little flowers and stitched over holes in a couple of knit tops ~ they look a lot more fun now than before!! You could give those jeans some pizzaz ~ assuming they’re yours and don’t belong to some man counterpart!!!


  2. Indy

    I too have some mending to do – my 20 year old daughter frequently sends hers my way as well. Ours sits patiently waiting in a favourite basket, aware of its importance as it rests by the chair in the living room.
    I wonder if you purposely ended your sentence with the words “.. mending themselves.” You know, I think that some of us are…..


  3. Sue Jurd

    After reading your mending blog I remembered a bag of very old “Grandpa” woollen singlets that I just couldn’t send to the charity shop. I have dyed them beautiful colours and am now in the process of “mending” the moth holes… daughter is wearing one today and if I am not careful I will lose the others to another daughter. They are so soft, pure wool and so very warm. Thanks for the kick start.



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